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Are you wondering how to use a Google Sheets calendar template?

You can easily create a simple Google Sheets calendar template. However, it may not be very efficient because you would also need to update it every month.

To save you some time (and using the power of Google Sheets), I have created the following Google Sheets calendar templates that will automatically update the calendar when you roll into a new month, saving you time and effort.

Google Spreadsheet Templates Calendar

You may need a spreadsheet calendar for several reasons, such as organizing your home and work tasks, setting goals, recording important dates, and planning projects. Luckily, I’ve made a few different versions to suit your needs. Below are some calendar templates for Google Sheets:

Monthly Google Sheet Calendar Template

As you can see below, I have created a monthly calendar that updates when the selection is changed. You can select the month from the drop-down list (in the case of months) in cell B2 or manually enter the year in cell B1.

Using Google Sheets calendar template with monthly changes

You can use this template as a monthly schedule template for Google Sheets. To access the template, click the button below. Note that it will ask you to create a copy. Therefore, you will need to log in to your Google account beforehand. Once a copy is created, you can personalize and use the calendar.

Access Template

Yearly Google Spreadsheets Calendar Template

Similar to the monthly calendar, I have also created a yearly calendar template with a separate tab. You can enter the year in cell B1 in the yearly calendar, and the entire calendar will update accordingly for that year.

To make it more readable, I highlighted the cells with a number in a light orange color, while the empty cells without numbers remain colorless. If you want to change this, you can use conditional formatting.

Yearly Google Spreadsheets Calendar Template

To access the template, click “File” > “Create a copy” to be able to make our own copy. Then, customize your calendar to meet your needs.

Access Template


Monthly Calendar Template Google Sheets

The following Google Sheets monthly calendar template is a dynamic template that compresses the entire year into a small section. The template has a drop-down for the months of the year. I also created it with pre-filled formulas to change the dates when you choose a different month from the drop-down options.

Monthly Calendar Template Google Sheets

Like the templates above, create a copy of the template and then personalize it with your needs. This easy-to-use and convenient template can keep your appointments organized by month and week, ensuring you won’t miss important appointments or birthdays again.

Access Template


 Google Sheets Calendar Template 2024

The  Google Sheets calendar template 2024 is a full-year calendar template with the full twelve months of the year. It is a simple calendar template with formulas filled in to return the accurate dates.

Google Sheets Calendar Template 2024

This calendar is particularly useful when used in dashboards or as a business plan template because it is well-structured and allows users to see important appointments for the full year. I tend to use this calendar to stay organized and plan my whole year ahead.

Access Template


Understanding the Template Functions

For spreadsheet enthusiasts, here is what goes into making these calendar templates in Google Sheets:

  • Date functions: This uses DAY, DATE, and WEEKDAY functions.
  • Lookup function: It uses VLOOKUP to find the month’s number, which is used in the calendar calculations.
    • Note: There is a hidden sheet where this function is used. This allows you to hide the worksheet when you don’t need it but still keep the data for future reference when needed.
  • Conditional Formatting: This is used to color the cells with a day number.
  • Custom Number Formatting: This template uses a smart number formatting technique, displaying month numbers according to the month names. For example, in the yearly calendar template, while you see January, it’s actually labeled as 1 in the backend (if you select the cell, you will see it in the formula bar).
  • Data validation: This is to create a drop-down for the months of the year so that you can select different months.

Why Use Our Google Sheets Calendar Templates?

There are many benefits to using our Google Sheets calendar templates, including the following:

  • These templates will save you time and effort because they are already pre-made
  • The templates are easy to use even if you have limited experience with spreadsheet software
  • The templates are highly customizable, allowing you to adapt and personalize them according to your requirements
  • The templates come with pre-filled formulas to make your work easier

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Convert Google Sheets to Calendar?

At the moment, you can’t convert Google Sheets to Calendar directly. Therefore, an alternative option is importing events from Google Sheets to your calendar. You can do this using add-ons or using a script for Google App scripts.

Is There a Calendar Template on Google Sheets?

Yes, there is a pre-made annual calendar on Google Sheets. To access it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “New” > “From template gallery
  2. Select the “Annual Calendar” template
  3. Edit your template according to your needs

An alternative option is to use the Google Sheets calendar template I provided. It is also free, so if the pre-made Google Sheets template doesn’t meet your requirements, feel free to use the one above.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, I have provided you with several downloadable Google Sheets calendar templates to help you stay organized throughout the year. Yet, if you learn how to build one independently, you’ll also gain some pretty valuable knowledge toward becoming a spreadsheet master.

If you want to learn more about mastering the Google Calendar, check out this Google Calendar course. It covers the most important functions, like creating, editing, and sharing calendar events, and by the end of the course, you’ll be a Calendar Genius!

And if you have any spare time, don’t forget to check out our other templates for Google Sheets, like our to-do list templates.

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