About Productivity Spot

Welcome to ProductivitySpot.com!

This website is an attempt to provide easy to implement tips and tricks to improve your day to day productivity. Here you will find  tips on tech tools, hacks for your routine and insights into some great products that will help you be more productive at your work.

Who Are We?

Charu is the Productivity-in-Chief at Productivity Spot.A software marketing professional, ten years of experience helped her hone skills for better productivity and efficiency. As she started her free lancing career being productive was not a choice but an impertinent need.

Her varied interests from poetry to travel forced her find tools and techniques to be efficient. She blogs about productivity hacks which helped her procrastinate procrastination and get things done.  

Sumit is the tech-in-charge at Productivity Spot. He has been a power user of many common tech tools such as spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets), document processors (Word, Google Doc, Notepad), Presentations (Power Point) and so on.

He also blogs at TrumpExcel.com, a blog about Microsoft Excel, and has been recognized by Microsoft as the Most Valuable Professional for Excel.