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Are you struggling to stay on top of your finances? That’s where my weekly budget template Google Sheets guide comes in handy!

Dozens of budget planning tools and budgeting spreadsheet templates are available; Google Sheets is a free, user-friendly option. For me, using a personal weekly budget template in Sheets has been a great way to track my income and expenses.

That’s why I have created these three template resources, which have made a significant difference in my personal finances and keeping them in order. If you want to use these Google Sheets templates, too, then feel free to copy them below:

Keep reading as I explain why using Google Sheets for budget tracking and financial goals is worthwhile.

Why I Use a Weekly Budgeting Template in Google Sheets

There are multiple reasons why you should use Google Sheets budget templates. Here is a quick summary of why I prefer Google Sheets over other money management spreadsheet programs:

1. Customization

Google Sheets spreadsheet templates can be customized to fit specific needs. This means I can change my weekly budget and savings goals on the spreadsheet template by adding or removing categories. I can also change the visual appearance or add formulas to automate the calculations in the spreadsheet, making the budgeting process easier and tailored to my preferences.

2. Cloud Saving

Google Sheets offers a simple spreadsheet that can be accessed from anywhere, as long as your device is connected to the internet. This means I can open my free weekly budget template and see my weekly expenses from anywhere I like, whether using a mobile device or a PC. My actual expenses and progress are saved in the cloud, syncing changes across all devices, making it a convenient application, even if I’m on the go.

3. Graphs and Charts

Google Sheets is an excellent tool if you’re looking to create graphs and charts in your spreadsheet. I often add visuals to my budget templates to help me anticipate my spending habits, income, and expenses, making tracking easier. If you’re a visual person like me, adding charts and graphs to your free Google Sheet budget template is helpful so you can see your changes in one easy view.

4. Free-To-Use

The Google Sheets application is free for individuals and small businesses. This means you can set up your Google Sheets account and use a free budget template without spending a dime.

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Best Weekly Budget Template Google Sheets Can Use in 2024

To make matters more convenient for you, I have created three free weekly budget templates you can use to track your income and expenses for the week in Google Sheets. Let’s take a look at them below.

Personal Weekly Budget

Weekly budget template Google Sheets

I created this simple budget template for Google Sheets users. This template is ideal for anyone who wants an easy-to-use template to track their weekly and monthly expenses.

This weekly and monthly budget template can be printed and accessed on desktops and mobile devices. The cute template features a clean design with muted colors that make the template look clean and minimal.

This printable weekly budget worksheet is divided into three smaller sections — the first section features spaces where you can add the month and the week’s number. Here, you can determine your weekly Budget into the seven allocated cells, each representing a day of the week.

Below, you can differentiate your expenses for each day into several categories. Feel free to replace the expense categories I used with your own to meet your needs. Towards the bottom of the table is a Total row that calculates the total expenditure for each day.

Below the Expenses column is the Savings section for each day. This is calculated by subtracting the Total expenses for the day from the day’s Budget.

The second part of this weekly budget template features large cells showing the total amounts for each category. You can add your Total Budget, Total Expenses, and Money Left here. I have also added a small space where you can add any Notes or reminders for the week.

As mentioned earlier, this template is print-friendly. To print it, click “File” at the top and click “Print.” Choose “A4” as the paper size and change the scale to “Fit to page.”

I recommend this weekly budget template if you’re looking for a simple budgeting sheet tracker to manage your personal budgets better using a desktop or mobile device.

Access Template

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Business Weekly Budget Template

Weekly business budget template for Google Sheets

I designed this template for business owners who want to track their weekly income, expenses, and savings.

The template is simple to understand and features four distinct parts. The first section gives an overview of the budget for the specific week.

For the first week, enter the date into the WEEK DATE cell using the MM/DD/YYYY date format. The dates for the following weeks will be populated automatically. You don’t have to add any data in this section, as this will be calculated automatically.

In the second section, you can add your Income for each day in the columns. You can also add your Salary, Dividends, Interest, Reimbursements, Business, Pension, and Miscellaneous costs. I added multiple income categories, but feel free to replace these with your own.

In the third section, you can add the business Expense for each day in the specific columns. Some of the expenses I added in this section include Rent, Insurance, Electricity, Gas, Water, Fuel, Phone, Internet, and Maintenance. Again, you can personalize these columns according to your needs.

The last section is for the money you want to add to the Savings fund. I have also allowed space to add funds for Emergencies, Savings Accounts, Retirement, Investment, Education, and Others here. Like the previous two sections, feel free to replace any categories to meet your needs.

This is a helpful template for any business owner looking to track their weekly income, cash flow, expenses, and savings in different sections.

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Bi-Weekly Budget Template

Bi-weekly budget template for Google Sheets.

I made this bi-weekly budget template for those people seeking visual insights about their income and expense schedules. At first glance, this template may look jarring, but once I show you the different parts of it, you will find it simple and easy to use.

This free weekly budget planner is divided into four sections. The first section has a table where you can add your Income data. There are seven types of income categories that you can add and track using this bi-weekly budget template for Sheets.

I added a row towards the bottom of the table that shows the Total for each day. Above the income table, I also included a column chart showing each day’s income, with seven columns representing each category.

Right below the income table, I added the Expense section. I can add the expenditure costs for each day in this section, divided into seven categories. Similar to the previous section, there is a Total bar that shows the money spent every day and a column chart that shows the expenses for each day with seven columns per day.

Towards the right side are tables showing the totals of Income and Expenses, respectively. In these tables, the Total Income and the Total Expense can be seen towards the bottom and the totals for every category in the Income and Expense tables. A bar chart shows the total for each category in the tables.

I highly recommend using this table if you’re looking to create a bi-weekly budget for personal use with visual insights about your income and expenses. You can track your expenses in one glance, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to organize their finances better.

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Using a weekly budget template in Google Sheets has several advantages, making it my preferred choice. The free templates above will help you track expenses while making budgeting easier.

As always, please check out all the templates I made and personalize them as you see fit.

To get the template in your Google Account, click “File” and then “Make a Copy,” the template will be opened in a new tab.

Want to gain more financial freedom in 2024? Check out this helpful course on identifying what matters and how to create a workable budget for the year, giving you more freedom and less stress!

Which spreadsheet do you prefer from my weekly budget template Google Sheets guide? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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