How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets – 2 Easy Methods

Google Sheets can be used to store various types of data. It could be Names, Address, long-form text, links, etc. In most cases, when the text in the cell is long and goes out to the cell, there is a need to wrap it within the cell. Read on to find out how to wrap text in Google Sheets.

Wrap Text In a Google Spreadsheet Using the Format Menu

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to text wrap in Google Sheets. Below I have the names of some of my favorite fictional characters and their address: How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets - Address Note that since the address is longer than the width of the cell, it overflows and extends out of the cell. You may want to keep it within the cell if you have more text in adjacent cells (or simply for aesthetic purposesafter you unhide rows). Here is how to make text fit in Google Sheets:

  1. Select all the cells for which you want to wrap text.How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets - select cells
  2. Find the Google Sheets wrap text option by heading to Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap.How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets - wrap text

This would wrap the text and make it fit within the cell. How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets - wrapped text Note that this will auto-fit the row height to adjust the content in the cell. There is another option to clip the text. You may want to use it when you want to maintain data but don’t want to read it. For example, URLs can be a great example where you may want to use the clip option. Note that this wouldn’t clip the URL or any text in the cell, it will simply display you a clipped version.

How to Wrap Text on Google Sheets Using the Toolbar

Another option for wrappingtext in Google Sheets is to use thetoolbar instead. To do this:

  1. Highlight the cells you want the text to wrap in
  2. Click on the Text wrapping icon in the toolbar (just below the menu)
  3. Click on the Wrap icon (the reversing arrow)
    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-24.png

How To Align Content After Text Wrapping in Google Sheets

Once you have your text wrapped in Google Sheets, it still may not look the way you want it to. To remedy this, you can navigate to Format>Alignment. In this part of the Google Sheets menu, you can adjust both the horizontal and vertical alignment to get the text to look the way you wish. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-23-1024x799.png

How to Wrap Text in Google Sheets Mobile App

Google Sheets word wrap works just as well on mobile devices. You just have to follow these steps to learn how to make text stay in a cell on your mobile device.

  1. Tap on the cell you want to format. You can select entire rows or columns by tapping on their letter or number. You can also modify for the whole sheet by tappingthe gray square in the far left corner.
  2. Press the formatting button marked with an A
  3.  Click the Cell tab
  4. Scroll down until you see Wrap text
  5. Press the button This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Wrap-text-in-Google-Sheets-mobile-2-1.png

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Things to Keep in Mind

Cell Warping

When you use text wrapping, the cells will automatically resize vertically to fit the text. This can often cause the spreadsheet to look strange. You can make adjustments to the column width to counteract this issue.

Other Text Formats

Clip: When you choose clip the cell will always stay the same size and the text inside will clip to fit the size of the cell.

Overflow: This means the text from the cell will spill out over the edges of the cell to the right.

Using a Shortcut

Windows users can also use the following keyboard shortcut to wrap text. Alt + O, W, W or Alt + H, W.

Google Spreadsheet Word Wrap FAQ

Why Is My Text Not Wrapping in Google Sheets? / What Is Text Wrapping in Spreadsheet?

Cells in Google Sheets have three possible formats wrap, clip, and overflow. By default, its usually set to clip. You can change it to wrap by heading to Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap.

Where Is the Wrap Text Feature in Google Sheets?

You can use the shortcut in the toolbar or head to Format > Text Wrapping > Wrap

What Is the Shortcut Key to Wrap the Text in the Cell *?

You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt + O, W, W, or Alt + H, W. to wrap text.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to wrap text in Google Sheets, it should be easy to make your spreadsheets look much better. We have plenty of other simple tutorial to upgrade your skills. Check some of them out below.  You May Also Like the Following Google Sheets Tutorials:

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