How to Add Bullet Points in Google Sheets


How to Insert Bullets in Google Sheets

I’ll be upfront with you: There is no straightforward way to insert bullet points in Google Sheets. Maybe there just hasn’t been enough demand for their developers to change it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, I can show you several ways to add bullet points to a spreadsheet. I’ll describe each below, including screenshots, animated gifs, and video to help clarify. Here’s how to tackle spreadsheet bullets with minimal stress: 

  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • CHAR Function
  • Copy-Paste Method

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Add Bullet Points in Google Sheets

If you’re using keyboard shortcuts to add bullets in Sheets:

  1. In selected cells, get into edit mode by pressing the F2 key (or double-clicking the cell).

PC: Press ALT + 7.

keyboard shortcuts to add bullets in Sheets

Note: If the ALT + 7 shortcut doesn’t work, try reloading the page or return to the page in a few minutes. 

How to Add Multiple Bullet Points in One Cell

To insert multiple bullets within the same cell, press Alt + Enter and ALT + 7 

Note: You’ll need to have NumLock turned on for this method.

Add Multiple Bullet Points in One Cell

The MacOS Keyboard Shotcut for Bullet Points

  1. Double-click on the cell or press enter.
  2. Click Option+8 to insert bullets.
MacOS Keyboard Shotcut for Bullet Points

How to Add Bullets in Google Sheets Using the CHAR Function

It’s easy to do bullet points in Google Sheets with the CHAR function. Bullets have a specific Unicode number that can be used within the CHAR function.

  1. Enter the following function in an empty cell in which you want to insert the bullet.
  2. Hit Enter to insert a bullet point in the cell. 

Using CHAR Function to Construct Formulas 

You can also construct formulas that automatically create a bulleted list. For example, suppose you’re writing a grocery list:

Insert Bullets in Google Sheets - Grocery List

To create a bulleted list:

  1. Enter the following formula in cell B1:
    =CHAR(8226)&” “&A1
  2. Copy and paste for all the cells.

The CHAR part of the formula returns the bullet and adds the item name before it.

Insert Bullets in Google Sheets - char

Another way to use these bullets is to simply copy and paste the cell as values (and get rid of the CHAR function while retaining the bullet in the cell). Now, you can copy-paste and use it wherever you want.

For more tips like this, check out our article on Google Sheets tips and tricks.

Copying & Pasting Bullets in Google Sheets Cells

Perhaps the easiest – and most straightforward – way to add bullets in Google Sheets is by copying and pasting them. You can do so from a website or other applications (e.g., Google Docs, MS Word, PowerPoint). I like to use Google Docs because I always have it open. Want to just copy it from this article? You can! Just highlight the bullet point below, then click CTR + C to copy it. Then you can select your cell and click CTR + V to paste it.

Note: The dark circle here is a bullet point that can be copied and pasted: • 

Can I Use Different Types of Bullet Points in Google Sheets? 

There are a variety of bullets that you can simply copy and paste. Consider using these special characters in Google Sheets: ○, ►, and ✓. 

If you want custom formatting, I either recommend using the copy-paste method or creating a custom bulleted list in Google Sheets:

  1. Select the cell(s), row(s), or column(s) for your bullet list.
  2. In the toolbar, click 123 > custom number formats.
    1. You can also use the search bar to search for custom number formats.
  3. Copy and paste your desired bullet point style, followed by an @ symbol.
  4. Click Apply. Any cell that was selected will now have a bullet point once the text is added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Bullet Points in Google Sheets?

The simplest way to make bullet points in Google Sheets is with the keyboard shortcut ALT + 7 (or Option+8 on Mac). Make sure you’re in edit mode by double-clicking the cell.

How Do I Create a List Within a Cell in Google Sheets?

To add line breaks, use the shortcut CTRL+Enter after every item in the list. For Macs, use the shortcut Command + Enter.

You can add bullet points to the start of each item by using the keyboard shortcut ALT + 7 or Option + 8 on a macOS system. Enter the desired text and press Option + Enter again. 

Note: If your list is too long, use text wrap after adding bullets in Google Sheets.

Final Thoughts on Bullet Points in Google Sheets

As you can see, adding bullet points in Google Sheets is a pretty straightforward process. Whether you decide to copy and paste, use the CHAR function, or attempt keyboard shortcuts, we hope this article helped you! 

Want to become a Google Suite expert? We highly recommend checking out Udemy’s masterclasses – especially when it comes to Google Sheets!

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