Top Notion Shortcuts For Windows and Mac [Cheat Sheet PDF]


Although Notion started out as a note-taking app, this project management app has evolved to manage tasks, manage teams, and communicate with team members, and so much more. There’s even greater efficiency now that Notion allows integrations with other apps such as Figma, Invision, and Miro, Sketch.

From styling your text to moving blocks with complex commands, we’ve compiled more than 100 Notion shortcuts (and how to use them).

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Notion Shortcuts (For Windows and Mac)

Notion is all about productivity and customization, allowing users to organize their tasks according to their specific needs and preferences. And because Notion is also all about efficiency, you can use this list of Notion hotkeys to customize your data without using a mouse.

Since there are over 100 Notion shortcuts shortcuts and commands, we’ve divided our list into several categories, depending on the type of use. We’ve created a free Notion shortcuts “cheat sheet” for you to download!

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Note: Our Notion shortcuts are written for Windows. To use it on a Mac, simply use the command key (instead of the CTRL key).

Notion Hotkeys for Styling Text

Notion Shortcut Goal
Ctrl + B Bold text
Ctrl + I Italicize text
Ctrl + U Underline text
Ctrl + Shift + S Notion strikethrough shortcut
Ctrl + K Add a link (to the selected part of the text)
Ctrl + E Inline code
Tab Indent
Shift + Tab Undo the indent
Enter Type a new line of text
Ctrl + Shift + M Add a comment
– – – Add a divider
/color Change the color of the highlight inside a block
/turn Change the type of block

Notion Shortcuts for Creating New Content

Notion Shortcut Goal
Ctrl + Shift + 0 Create new text
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Insert an H1 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Insert an H2 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Insert an H3 heading
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Insert a to-do checkbox
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Insert a bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Insert a numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Notion keyboard toggle shortcut
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Insert a code block
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Create a new page in Notion
Ctrl + “+” Zoom in
Ctrl + “-“ Zoom out
Ctrl + Shift + U Go to the higher tier in the page hiearchy
Hold Alt (Option on Mac) Drag content on one page to copy and paste it into a new page

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Notion Markdown Style Shortcuts

Notion Shortcut Goal
** on either side of the text Bold
* or _ on either side of the text Italicize
` on either side of the text Inline code
 ~ on either side of the text Strikethrough
– + space Bullet list
[] + space Checkbox
1., a., or i. + space Numbered list
# followed by space Insert an H1 heading
## followed by space Insert an H2 heading
### followed by space Insert an H3 heading
> + space Notion toggle list
” + space Insert a quote block

How to Use Notion @ Commands

Notion shortcut for reminder
Notion Shortcut Goal
Insert @ and another team member’s name Get a team member’s attention about a task
Insert @ and the name of a page Mention a specific page. If you change the name of the page, the link will also change automatically.
Insert @ and a date Mention a specific date. This is especially useful Notion shortcut when you have deadlines.
Type @remind and then a date Create a reminder to receive a notification at a specific time.

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Basic Notion Slash Commands

Notion Shortcut Goal
/text Create a new block of text
/page Create a new page in Notion
/bullet Create a bulleted list
/num Create a numbered list
/todo Create a todo list
/toggle Create a toggle list
/div Create a light grey divider
/quote Create a quote block
/h1 Create a large heading
/h2 Create a medium-sized heading
/h3 Create a small heading
/link Add a link to another page

Media Notion Slash Commands

Notion Hotkey Goal
/image Upload or embed an image (or insert from Unsplash)
/pdf Upload or embed a PDF
/book Insert a bookmark
/video Upload or embed a video
/audio Upload or embed an audio file
/code Create a code block of text
/file Upload or embed a file

Inline Notion Slash Commands

Notion shortcut for inserting emojis
Notion Hotkey Goal
/equation Insert a TeX formula in line with the text in Notion
/emoji Choose from the emoji picker

Database Notion Slash Commands

Notion Hotkey Goal
/table-inline Create a database table on the current page
/list-inline Create a database in the form of a list on the current page
/board-inline Create a Kanban board on the current page
/calendar-inline Create a calendar on the current page
/gallery-inline Create a gallery on the current page
/timeline-inline Create a timeline on the current page
/linked Create a linked database

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Advanced Notion Slash Commands

Notion Shortcut Goal
/comment Create a comment on any block
/moveto Move blocks to another page in Notion
/delete Delete the block you are currently using
/duplicate Duplicate the current block
/toc Create a table of content on the current page
/bread Create a breadcrumb menu
/template Create a template button
/math Write mathematical equations and symbols

Notion Shortcuts for Editing and Moving Blocks

Notion shortcut Goal
Esc Clear or select a block
Ctrl + A Select the specific block
Space Open an image in full-screen
Arrow keys Select another block
Shift + Arrow Up/Arrow Down Expand your selection (up or down)
Alt + Shift + Click Select or unselect a block
Shift + Click Choose a different block (and all blocks in between)
Backspace Delete the selected block
Ctrl + D Duplicate the block you selected
Enter Edit the block you highlighted
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys Move the block you selected
Ctrl + / Edit one or more selected blocks (you can edit the type of block, the color, duplicate or move the block)
Ctrl + Shift + H Apply the last text or highlight color you used
Ctrl + Alt + T (Cmd + Option + T on Mac) Open or close all toggles in the toggle list

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Create Shortcuts in Notion?

For now, you can only use the existing Notion keyboard shortcuts. While you can’t currently customize your own Notion hotkeys, the app is packed with plenty of shortcuts to improve your efficiency.

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How Do I Add a Shortcut to a Page in Notion?

It’s simple to use a Notion shortcut as long as you know the type that you require. For example, here’s how to create a shortcut to a new page in Notion:

  1. Log into Notion.
  2. Go to the specific workspace.
  3. Insert Ctrl + N (on Windows) or Cmd + N (on Mac).
  4. Name your new page by giving it a title.
  5. Choose where you want your new Notion page to live.

Another way to add a new page in Notion is to type /page inside a block in Notion.

The Bottom Line

As a productivity and task management tool, Notion also creates databases, adds new information, takes notes, and so much more. There are also plenty of Notion shortcuts to increase your productivity!

Access Cheat Sheet

If you’re looking to take your efficiency to the next level, AppSumo carries a massive array of Notion templates, brand kits, resources, and tools.


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