Best Mini Projector Under 100 Dollars (2017 Buyer’s Guide)

Best Mini Projector Under 100 Dollar

​Throughout modern history, projectors have served a pivotal role in many firms and companies as they are used in everyday operations in organizations. However, some have stayed away from using them because of their expensive price and bulky size. The good news is that, ever since mini projectors have been introduced in the market, these […]

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Using FILTER Function in Google Sheets (explained with Examples)

Filter Function in Google Sheets - using Cell References

Watch video – Using FILTER function in Google Sheets (examples) Google Sheets has some useful functions that are not available in Excel (such as IMPORTRANGE, QUERY, IMPORTDATA, etc.) One such extremely powerful one is the FILTER function. FILTER function allows to instantly filter the source data and get the result. What makes is so powerful […]

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How to Use OR Function in Google Sheets (with Examples)

OR function is useful when you want to evaluate a set of conditions. It will return TRUE when any of the conditions being checked are met, else it returns FALSE. OR Function Syntax OR(logical_expression1, [logical_expression2, …]) logical_expression1 – The first condition that you want to check. This could be a cell reference that has the TRUE/FALSE […]

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How to Use IMPORTDATA function in Google Sheets

Result of IMPORTDATA function in Google Sheets

IMPORTDATA function is Google sheets allows you to quickly import the data from the URL of a .csv (comma separated value) or .tsv (tab separated value) file. This can be useful if you’re working with data that is available online in a .csv/.tsv file. Using IMPORTDATA function, you can instantly get the data in Googe Sheets […]

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