The 8 Best Apps to Find Clothes by Picture in 2023

Have you seen a picture of someone on your social media feed wearing a dress you want to buy or have a vision board of outfits that you badly want but can’t find them at the mall?

Online shopping has saved us from spending hours in large malls, walking around, and trying to find the perfect top. But while technology has made it easier for us to shop online, it’s still tricky to find clothes from a picture when you can’t find them using text keywords.

The good thing is, there are apps that allow you to find clothes by picture. You simply upload an image of the item that you want or take a photo of it and add it to your wishlist, and the app will take care of finding similar items.

So start digging through your screenshots and snaps and check out these apps to find clothes by picture in 2023 to save you the time and effort in picking your next OOTD!

1. Google Lens

Google Lens is a versatile image recognition tool that helps you find everything, from fashion-related items to all the other everyday items around you. You can use this app to find clothes by pictures online, as well as accessories like jewelry, shoes, headbands, and more.

While some apps need you to upload a photo of the apparel you want to search for, Google Lens only requires you to open the app, point your camera to where the clothing is, and tap the shutter button to start the clothes image search.

If Google finds a match, it will highlight your item and display all of its visual matches. These search results will lead you to all the websites where the item can be found, including online shops and marketplaces where you can purchase them.

You can also adjust the highlighted part of the Google Lens clothes scanner. This is especially useful when the app does not successfully detect the item you want to search for on the first attempt. This is also helpful when you see an outfit you wish to copy and want to search for different items in the same shot.

You can download Google Lens for free on Android and install the Google app on iOS to enjoy the app’s reliable search capabilities.

Google Lens camera shutter button


2. Pinterest

For a lot of fashion enthusiasts, Pinterest is the haven of fashionable outfits and aesthetic inspirations. But did you know it also has a visual search tool that can be a reliable clothing finder app? This AI image search feature can easily highlight a part of a Pinterest post and search for matching items.

The search results will show you the different posts that match the item you’re looking for. It can also include external links to different online shops such as Amazon, Etsy, and other e-commerce stores.

Pinterest is available for free for Android and iOS users.

Pinterest camera button


3. Amazon Shopping / Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon Shopping is known for its vast database of sellers and products. It has everything you need, including different fashionable and affordable clothing items.

Using its visual search engine, you can find clothes by picture with more ease and convenience. To begin searching for your clothing item, simply click or tap the camera icon beside the search bar, then select StyleSnap.

You can also upload a picture to use in the search. The search engine will look for all the products on Amazon and give you all the available items that visually match your image.

Amazon Shopping is available for Android and iOS users on their respective app stores. Just note that it is only available in select regions. If your search does not display any results, or you can’t find Amazon on the app store, you can change the country in the app store and try again.

Click here to learn more about using StyleSnap to find the clothing products you’re after!

Amazon Shopping / Amazon StyleSnap screenshot


4. CamFind

Similar to Google Lens, CamFind is an app to find clothes from pictures along with other items using your camera. You can either let the app take a temporary photo for it to use or upload a photo from your gallery to start the search. Then, it will take a few seconds to recognize the item and give all the relevant search results it can find.

The clothes image search results can include related shopping links, images, store locations, Youtube videos, and other results across the internet. You can also turn on the Regional Search function to help it find relevant results near you.

This find clothes by picture app is helpful for just about any kind of research about a clothing item or accessory you want to find online. It even has a barcode or QR code scanner feature to help you look where you can buy a clothing item using its tag.

You can also compare the prices of similar items to help you choose the more suitable item to purchase. Additionally, it allows you to share your search results via email, airdrop, or social media such as Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and others, in case you want to confirm if you found the right item or just share your findings with your other fashionista friends.

CamFind may sometimes be a less reliable clothes finder than Google Lens and give out inaccurate results. However, it’s still worth trying as it can give a wide variety of results.

You can access CamFind by downloading it for free on Android and iOS devices.

CamFind search mode



One of the credible and well-known apps to find clothes that suit the modern and chic style of today’s fashion: ASOS is a British fashion retailer that offers a stylish app with a lot of clothing collections and an easy-to-use and aesthetic interface.

Its clothes finder capabilities include a camera search by clicking on the camera icon on the right side of the search bar on the top of the app. The app will give you the option to take a photo for the search or upload a photo or photos from your gallery. Then, its AI capabilities will look for the best matches for your image.

Each clothes image search will look at all the collections they have on the app for a match. It usually takes a couple of seconds, giving results that are often accurate in comparison to your reference image’s design but not necessarily by brand.

The app doesn’t always deliver accurate results and only scans one item per search. However, this clothing finder app might be a good option if you want to find a dupe of the item you have. With 850 brands delivering to 242 countries, you will find yourself enjoying your shopping experience more than searching for the next dress to try on.

To help them find clothes by picture, iOS and Android users can enjoy ASOS for free.

Asos screenshot


6. Photo Sherlock

With a whimsical app name and an intuitive user interface, Photo Sherlock is a good app to try if you want to find clothes by picture. Like any other clothing finder app that uses visual search engines, you can either upload a photo or take a picture of the clothes you want to find.

The app also allows you to crop the image you upload, so it focuses more on the item you want to search for. In the search results, you will see similar items you can shop for, related searches about the item, and other web results that might be relevant to you.

If your image is blurry or pixelated, Photo Sherlock also offers a photo enhancer feature to help with the image search. In addition, it also offers bonus features, such as actor search capabilities, people searching through facial recognition, and a selfie camera.

The app is downloadable for free, both for Android and iOS users.

Photo Sherlock screenshot


7. Google Images

Google Images is a web application that you can easily access without having to download any additional apps. You can use it for any clothes image search using any browser on your phone.

Using Google Images, you can access Google Lens without downloading the app. Instead, simply click or tap on the camera icon beside the search bar on the website.

Google Image search feature

This Google integration works seamlessly and gives you all the capabilities and benefits of Google Lens.

You can find clothes by picture by just pointing your phone and temporarily capturing the image, or upload an existing one from your gallery.

Access Google Images by going to their website.

8. Lykdat

If you want a fashion-specific clothes finder, Lykdat is another web application with more advanced capabilities, a variety of brands and types of clothing available, and filters to help the search results give more accurate matches.

The app has a built-in search to find clothes by picture. You can upload any photo, crop it to only show the item you want to search for, and wait for the app to find its matches.

Lykdat is not available as an app but is easily accessible on their website using any browser on your phone. This means you can start your clothes image search without downloading it. You can also use it on PCs even without the best Mac apps or Windows browsers.

Lykdat search feature

Other Ways on How to Find Clothes by Picture Online

There are several other ways to find clothes by a picture online. Here are some of them:

Built-in Visual Search Using AI Lens

Some mobile phone devices, such as Huawei phones, feature built-in image search capabilities using AI Lens. These can identify different clothing and redirect you to websites that feature them.

Fashion Search Engines

Fashion search engines like Lyst can also help you search clothes by picture. The advantages of these apps include giving the available price ranges in your search, as well as identifying brands.

Reverse Image Search Engines

If a clothing finder app can’t successfully pinpoint the item you’re searching for, you can check different reverse image search engines, such as DuplicChecker. These are not clothing-specific and might sometimes give inaccurate results, but their massive search results may make them worth trying.

These apps allow you to upload a photo or copy an image URL to generate search results across different search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others. It also allows you to browse the search results or expand your search as you navigate associated or related photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take a Picture of an Item and Find It Online?

Yes, you can take a picture of an item and find it online using clothing finder apps or reverse image search engines. These apps analyze your photo and search for related or similar items online.

Finding Your Perfect Outfit

With just a few taps and scrolling while on your bed or couch, you can now search for your clothes to purchase online and have them delivered to you. Set up your iPad with productivity apps and cross your to-do list with the clothes scanner apps we listed.

With these 8 best apps to find clothes by picture, you can now get your perfect outfit while saving time, energy, and effort. Never go back to the old-fashioned way with these innovative tools to help you find what you’re looking for and make your online shopping experience a breeze.


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