How to Change App Store Country: Simple iOS Guide


Learning how to change App Store country is pretty straightforward. In fact, there are a few methods to consider. Our detailed guide on switching countries in the App Store makes the process an absolute breeze!

How to Change App Store Country Permanently

You can change the App Store country for your account if you’re permanently relocating to a foreign country – but only intend to do so once.

If you’re not permanently moving to a new country, we recommend setting up a new account so you can repeatedly switch the country of your iTunes and App Store accounts.

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1. Change the Home Address on iPhone and Mac

Before you can change the country settings of the iTunes and App Store, be sure to:

  • Cancel any active subscriptions (including Apple Music and Apple TV+).
  • Exit the family sharing group unless you’re the organizer.
  • Use any credit left in the Apple ID account.
  • Download any content you wish to access later (e.g., apps, movies, music, books, series).
  • You must confirm you use a legitimate payment method and billing information for the new country.

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2. Change Country in the App Store on Devices

On iPhone and iPad

To change the country on your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open Settings > Navigate to [Your Name] > Media & Purchases. Tap media and Purchases
  2. Click on the View Account option and type in the password for your Apple ID.  
  3. Go to the Country/Region option.
        How to Change Country in the App Store
  4. Click on the “Change Country or Region” option and select your new country.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions, then enter the payment and billing information.
  6. After entering your information, click “Done.”

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On Mac

To change your country on a Mac’s App Store:

  1. Go to Apple Music.
  2. Click on Account > Account Settings > Change Country or Region (Apple ID Summary page). Change the country’s name here.
  3. Now, agree to the terms and conditions and enter the payment and billing information.
  4. After entering your information, click on the Done option.

How to Change App Store Country in a Browser

You can also change the App Store region in a browser by signing in with your Apple ID. Navigate to Personal Information > Country/Region and follow the on-screen prompts.

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The Easiest Ways to Temporarily Change App Store Country

The simplest way to change App Store country: Settings > [Your Name] > Media & Purchases > View Account > Country/Region > Change Country or Region, then follow the on-screen prompts.

This method is best if you don’t have a payment option for the foreign country you’re using.

Change the App Store Region by Using Another Apple ID

The simplest way to temporarily change the App Store region is by creating a new Apple ID. You can quickly move back and forth between your old and new accounts – without requiring another country’s payment method.

Ensure you choose the right country for the second account. This must be verified by entering a billing address within this country and e-mail address verification. Any mobile number is acceptable (including those from other countries) but you need to use a fresh email address that isn’t being used by another Apple ID.

To change the region on iPhone using a secondary account:

  1. Open Settings and click on the [Your Name] option.
  2. Choose Sign Out.
  3. Select all the iCloud data you wish to save on the device.
  4. Click on Sign Out.
    Sign out of the iPhone
  5. Open the App Store and click on the Account Option (on the screen’s top-right side).
  6. Click the Create New Apple ID option.
  7. Choose your country and type in your new account’s password and email address.

Potential Issues When Changing App Store or iTunes Country

Depending on the country associated with the account, access to the App Store or iTunes will differ.

1. Lost Access to iTunes and App Store

If you switch your Apple ID to another country, you’ll lose all access to your purchased content from iTunes and the App Store (until you switch back to that region).

Every application on your device will still be usable, and installed apps continue will continue to be updated. However, if you want to access your purchases that haven’t been downloaded yet, you’ll need to return your iTunes and the App Store settings to the country where the purchase was made.

You can't change countries with an active apple TV subscription

2. Require Legitimate Payment Method

One of the primary issues with changing country access is that you’ll need a legitimate payment method in the selected country.

For instance, you cannot use a European credit card in the United States App Store. Therefore, if you wanted to switch to the United States App Store, you’d need an American credit or debit card (and vice-versa).

If you’ve permanently relocated to America – and the European payment information has expired – you may lose the purchases.

Note: You cannot change the App Store country while you have an active subscription to Apple TV.

Advantages of Creating a Secondary Apple ID Account

Creating a second Apple ID – instead of changing the region or country for your current iTunes and App Store accounts – can be helpful. It’s actually incredibly easy to switch between your two accounts.

It should mentioned that this will divide your purchases across two different accounts. Also, you could lose all of your purchased content from one account if you lose access.

How to Retain App Store and iTunes Purchases From Different Countries

It doesn’t matter which country or account you bought apps, music, movies, TV shows, or books: If they’re from Tunes or the App Store, you can use them if they’re installed them on your device. Even before you change the country associated with your iTunes and App Store accounts – or even open a different Apple ID – we recommend installing all of the purchases you intend to keep using.

Whichever computer you use, be sure to choose the option that backs up all the data from the device to your PC or Mac.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to change App Store country. Whether you open a second AppleID account or temporarily switch countries, it should be a breeze! If you’re still having trouble, leave us a comment below. We’ll help you as soon as we can!


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