How To Screen Share on FaceTime


Screen sharing is a known feature on apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. What about FaceTime?

You’ll be happy to discover that Apple implemented this feature around the time of the release of iOS 15.1. This means any devices that meet the minimum requirements can use FaceTime to screen share.

Want to learn how to screen share on FaceTime? Keep reading for our step-by-step guide!

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Prerequisites for Sharing Screen on FaceTime

There are a few elements you need to check before getting started.

Apple’s minimum requirements for FaceTime screen sharing and SharePlay include the following:

  • An iPhone or iPad with iOS version 15.1 or higher
  • A Mac with macOS version 12.1 (Monterey) or higher
  • An iPod Touch with iOS 15.1 or higher
  • An Apple TV with tvOS 15.1 or higher

Both Parties Need Compatible Devices

Can you share your screen on FaceTime if you have a compatible device and the other call participants don’t? Unfortunately, you can’t. Everyone on the call needs a compatible device (listed above).

If you’re on a call and find that the screen-sharing options are hidden, ensure that all participants are using a compatible device.

Screen Sharing vs. SharePlay

It’s important not to get confused between SharePlay and FaceTime screen sharing.

SharePlay is another feature of iOS 15 used for streaming subscription-based content. SharePlay is only possible if all call participants actively subscribe to the content.

How To Screen a Share on FaceTime for iPhone and iPad

Before you can share your screen on FT, ensure that you and the other call participants have devices that meet the minimum system requirements. Once you’ve confirm device compatibility, follow these steps to share your screen on your FaceTime app:

  1. Tap on the FaceTime icon to open the app.
FaceTime icon from MacBook


  1. Click the “New FaceTime” option to start a new video call.
Start a new FaceTime call
  1. Select all the contacts you want to share the screen with. Click the “FaceTime” option.
  2. Once the call is connected, click on the “Screen Share” icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
How to screen share on FaceTime


  1. Click on the “Share My Screen” option and wait a few seconds for the countdown to finish.
  2. Your screen will be shared with all the participants on the call.

Quick Tips:

  • You can enable or disable the camera by clicking the icon.
  • Swipe up on your screen to navigate the app you wish to share.
  • If you wish to return to your FaceTime call, click the caller’s icon in PiP.

How To Stop Sharing Your Screen on iPhone and iPad

The simplest way to stop sharing your screen in the call is by hanging up. If you wish to stay on the call, click the “Screen Share” option on your screen again. That’s it!

How To Share Screen on FaceTime on macOS

Can you screen share on FaceTime using your Mac? Yes! You just need to have a Mac with macOS Monterey 12.1 or above. Be sure to double-check that everyone on the call is using a compatible device.

To share your screen on FaceTime on Mac:

  1. On your device, open up FaceTime and click on “New FaceTime.”
open a new facetime call mac
  1. Choose all the contacts you wish to share the screen with and click the “FaceTime” option.
  2. Once the call is established, click the “Screen Share” icon.
Share screen icon MacBook


  1. Choose the app you wish to share with the participants.
  2. Select “Screen” or “Window” from the pop-up window. You can either select a specific app window or the entire screen.
    • To share the window, click on the “Window” option, move the cursor to the application you want to share, then click on the “Share This Window” option.
    • To share the entire screen, click the “Screen” button, move the cursor on the screen, and select the “Share This Screen” option.
  1. To end screen sharing, go to the menu bar, click on FaceTime, then choose the “Stop Sharing” screen option. This also works for a shared window.
Stop sharing screen share option FaceTime

Why Is the “Invite to Share” Screen Button Grayed Out?

This problem is based on Mac’s security permissions. In system preferences, you must enable screen sharing. If the “Share My Screen” option is still grayed out, make sure the participants you are trying to share the screen with have their Apple ID from their Messages account linked to their iCloud account.

Take Over Screen Sharing from Another Participant in a FaceTime Call

You can start screen sharing like you normally would – even while the other person has their screen share active. You’ll get a prompt in the shared window that says, “Replace Existing.” Tap “Replace Existing,” and your device will take over the shared screen.

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Joining a Screen Share Session

How to join screenshare during a call


When another person on the FaceTime call tries to share their screen, you will get a prompt that says “Join Screen Sharing.” Tap the “Open” option to accept the screen share request.

Things To Remember for FaceTime Screen Sharing

Remember: You can’t share content on a call if it requires a subscription or purchase. If you want to share such content, try SharePlay with free trials.

You can share a screen on a Mac via a call, which can be seen on an iPhone or an iPad (and vice versa). However, you may encounter minor screen resolution issues, as displays may vary in resolution from device to device.

Members of the FaceTime call won’t be able to see the notifications that appear on your screen. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to be careful while sharing a screen — especially if you have sensitive information you don’t want others to see.

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What To Do If Share Screen on FaceTime Isn’t Working

If the screen-sharing option is unavailable on your FaceTime app, try troubleshooting:

  • Ensure that everyone in the call is on a device that meets the minimum system requirements for FaceTime screen sharing.
  • Restart your device.
  • Update your version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS.
  • Restart your FaceTime app.
  • Reset your network settings.

Note: Emojis in your contacts’ names can cause issues with FaceTime. If you’re having issues with your FaceTime (e.g., crashing during video calls), try removing the emojis in your contacts’ names.

Advantages of Screen Sharing on FaceTime

Millions of people use the FaceTime app to communicate, and the shared screen functionality makes FaceTime even more convenient.

There are a few advantages to using FaceTime for screen sharing. For example, you can:

  • Share images with one or more people
  • Watch videos together with one or more people
  • Watch movies with friends (note: This feature is non-subscription based)
  • Work and collaborate with colleagues
  • Troubleshoot and also help others with troubleshooting
  • Present information to others

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Share a Screen on FaceTime?

Yes, but only if all of the devices in the FaceTime call are compatible with the minimum system requirements. Check the requirements in our guide above.

How Do You Share Your Screen on FaceTime?

If everyone in the FaceTime call has compatible devices, screen sharing is easy: Within the call, tap on the Screen Sharing icon and choose the app or window you want to display. For more guidance, check the step-by-step guide above.

Why Can’t I Share My Screen on FaceTime?

You and everyone on the call must use macOS Monterey 12.1 (or above), iOS, or iPadOS 15.1 version (or above). If your screen-sharing is still not working – or you cannot see your screen-sharing option — it’s because you have not updated your device.


Learning how to screen share on FaceTime is a breeze, just as long as everyone on the call uses compatible devices. Then it’s as simple as tapping or clicking on the screen share icon!

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