How To Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi [3 Easy Methods]


Want to learn how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi? Luckily for you, the process is very easy!

Keep reading as I show you how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi in several ways.

My guide focuses on the easiest way: Launch Control Center, tap the “Screen Mirroring” icon (denoted by two overlapping rectangles), and select your TV from the devices list.

I’m including a couple of other ways in case you encounter any trouble. Follow this guide as I show you how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi. Ready to watch?

What’s New: Last January 22, 2024, Apple released iOS 17.3 to the public. Check out new features like Stolen Device Protection and other bug fixes. It also includes security updates and addresses issues that may cause iPhones to run warmer than expected.

How To Mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi Using AirPlay

If you don’t know how to turn on WiFi on your television, the best way to mirror your iPhone to TV is with Apple’s AirPlay.

It’s the simplest method that enables wireless connection. I often use this method because it allows you to beam audio and video from approved applications with logged-in Apple ID devices or stream the full content of the screen to a TV.

Previously, AirPlay required a TV streaming device from Apple customers. However, the AirPlay is now compatible with other devices. You can mirror an iPhone to all of the following:

  • Most current Roku devices
  • Most Amazon Fire TVs (including Insignia and Toshiba)
  • Some LG 2018 TVs and later
  • Some Samsung 2018 TVs and later
  • Some Sony TVs
  • SmartCast Vizio TV sets

If you want to use screen mirroring from your iPhone to the TV with AirPlay, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the “Control Center” on your device.
    • If your device runs iOS 12 or above (an iPhone X or above), you have to swipe downwards from the top right corner of your screen.
    • Otherwise, you will have to swipe upward for other iOS versions.
How to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi—iPhone control center
  1. Click on the “Screen Mirroring” icon, which looks like two overlapped boxes.
iPhone screen mirroring option
  1. Choose the TV you want to connect with from the list of devices.
  2. I personally find it helpful to label my AirPlay devices, making it easier for me to find them when there are multiple devices to choose from.
  3. Enter your 4-digit code on the TV screen from your iOS device.
    • The TV that supports AirPlay will start the screen mirroring the iPhone.

To stop screen mirroring iPhones to smart TVs, open the “Control Center” on my device and select the “Stop Mirroring” option.

Most compatible TVs supporting AirPlay, such as Roku, must be set up online first. Therefore, you can’t remove the need for an internet connection. If you don’t have stable access to a WiFi network, activate your TV first while you’re connected.

Note: AirPlay works with or without WiFi. However, better-streaming resolutions and more advanced options are only available when you’re online.

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How To Mirror iPhone to TV Without WIFI Using a HDMI Cable

Another method that I sometimes use for screen mirroring is an HDMI adaptor. While this method is less practical than the AirPlay method, it is a simpler method of iPhone screen mirroring, especially if your WiFi is unstable or not accessible.

If it has a Lightning port, you can use Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter for an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This device costs $49 at the Apple Accessories store.

There are also less expensive third-party devices available, but remember that these won’t work with Netflix or other streaming video programs that employ copy protection.

Since you’ll need to provide your cable, if you want to sit comfortably away from the TV, you should buy an HDMI port and cable that is at least 4 meters long.

If using this method, here is how casting from iPhone to TV works using an HDMI cable:

  1. I check that my plug is connected from the end of the HDMI cable to my TV and the adaptor.
  2. I would plug the cable into the iOS device.
  3. I would set up my TV to the HDMI input.
  4. To make my iOS device last longer without draining the battery, I would plug in my charger’s Apple Lightning connector to the additional port of the adapter.

While many applications will start mirroring your iOS device screen to your television, some video applications, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, will give you continuous playback control. Therefore, ensure your chosen video is being played on your TV.

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How To Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi Wirelessly 

The most recent Apple TV models, such as the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, enable peer-to-peer AirPlay, allowing screen mirroring iPhone to TV without a WiFi network.

However, you must also have Apple TV Software version 7.0 or above if you own an Apple TV, known as the Third Generation Rev. A 2012.

If you own the required devices, peer-to-peer screen sharing from iPhone to TV through AirPlay is easy.

Peer-to-peer AirPlay may not function while any devices are linked to a network and only operates when WiFi is not there. You must first disconnect your Apple TV and iOS device to reconnect to any WiFi network.

Here is how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi:

  1. Peer-to-Peer AirPlay is wireless, so you must connect the device and TV to Bluetooth.
    • On your iOS device, connect to your WiFi network. (You do not need to be connected to your WiFi network to use Peer-to-Peer AirPlay. However, it must be turned on.)
  2. The “AirPlay Controls” will appear in the “Control Center” as “Screen Mirroring.” If the AirPlay Controls do not show up, try restarting your iOS device.
  3. Click on the “Screen Mirroring” option on Control Center from your iOS device.
  4. Find and click on Apple TV in the list of available devices.
  5. Here, you will be asked for a password for the connection on your television screen. Enter your password, and the feature will be activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without WiFi wirelessly?

Peer-to-peer AirPlay is an entirely wireless system. You need to connect your iOS device and smart TV to Bluetooth for a smart TV screen mirroring your iPhone.

To cast iPhone to TV without WiFi via peer-to-peer AirPlay, follow these simple instructions:

  1. On your iOS device, connect to your WiFi network. The AirPlay Controls will show up in the Control Center as Screen Mirroring.
  2. Click on the “Screen Mirroring” option on Control Center from your iOS device.
  3. Find and click on Apple TV from the list of devices.
  4. Enter your password to connect with your smart TV.

How Can I Mirror My iPhone to My TV Without Apple TV?

You can use an HDMI cable to mirror your iPhone to your TV without Apple TV.

  1. Plug the HDMI cable into your TV and adaptor on both ends.
  2. Plug the cable into your iOS device and set your TV with the right input.
  3. If you want your iOS device to last longer, plug in a charger to the additional Lightning port of the adaptor.

Can AirPlay Work on Any TV?

A suitable Roku TV, an Apple TV broadcaster, a 2019 model or later, or a smart TV from LG, Samsung, Sony, or Vizio is required for the TV side.

AirPlay also supports the most recent Fire TV models from Amazon. But not all TVs are supported. Therefore, you may need to buy a separate Apple TV box or stick for non-compatible TVs.

How Do I Screen Mirror My iPhone to a Samsung TV?

Screen mirroring directly from an iPhone to a Samsung TV will only work with some Samsung television models manufactured after 2018.

When I screen mirror my iPhone to my Samsung TV, I use the following method:

  1. I open my swipeable control panel and select the screen mirroring option.
  2. Then, I select the Samsung TV from the available devices.

Note: You may need to purchase a separate Apple TV box if this doesn’t work.

How Do I Screen Mirror My iPhone to a Roku TV?

You cannot screen mirror your iPhone to a Roku TV without connecting to WiFi. But if you are connected to one and have a compatible Roku device, navigate to your iPhone’s control panel and select the screen mirror option. Then, select the Roku TV from the list of devices. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network first.

Wrapping Up

Screen mirroring iPhone to TV without WiFi is perfect for showing people memes, important work files, streaming media, or sending long videos. So, now you know how to mirror iPhone to TV without WiFi in three ways.

While these methods work great with newer devices, you may not be able to mirror directly if you have an older TV. In such cases, an easy workaround is to use the HDMI route or buy an Apple TV device to overcome this problem.

From my personal experience, buying an Apple TV worked best, but that will depend on your budget.

If you’re new to iPhone devices and want to learn more about its features and functionalities, check out this online masterclass covering all the basics, such as charging your iPhone, sending messages, and more!

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below and share your experiences.


Fact Checked By Cindy Wong

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