How to Propose a New Time in Google Calendar [6 Fast Steps]

Google Calendar has become the go-to solution for many people simply because it can sync across all platforms, and you can schedule meetings with other people without needing to leave the application. However, the schedule won’t always fit all parties involved, which is where Google’s event rescheduling feature comes in.

This article will discuss how to propose a new time in Google Calendar for mobile and the web versions of Google Calendar. Read on to master this powerful feature.

How to Propose a New Time in Google Calendar for Web

Google Calendar isn’t available as a native desktop application for computers, so you have to access Google Callender on your preferred browser. This means you can access it on virtually any operating system as long as it has an internet connection and a browser application.

The following method to propose a new time in Google Calendar will work on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Use these steps to suggest a new time in Google Calendar:

how to propose a new time in Google Calendar
  1. Go to Google Calendar on your browser.
  2. Click on the name of the scheduled event. In this case, the event is named Meeting. Clicking on it will open a small popup window.
  3. There, click on the Up arrow (^). This will show additional options for you to choose from.
  4. In the additional options, click on Propose a new meeting. This will open a new page allowing you to choose another time for the scheduled meeting.
Send a proposed time change in Google Calendar
  1. The new page shows your agenda on the right side while showing the current meeting date and time on the left side of the screen. Under the current time, you should see the Your proposal section. Choose your preferred time.
  2. Click on Send proposal.

When the event organizer opens the event in their Google Calendar, they will see the message you’ve sent and the suggested changes. They can click on Review Proposed Time to check the suggested changes.

If they decide to accept the changes, they must click the blue Save button at the top of the event detail screen. The rescheduled event message will then be sent to all the event participants, who can confirm if they wish to join.

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How to Propose New Times in Google Calendar Mobile

The Google Calendar application is pretty much the same on all mobile platforms. The only difference you will notice is the slight UI differences which means that this method works for Android and iOS.

Here are the steps you need to follow to propose a new time for Google Calendar on mobile:

Propose a new meeting time in Google Calendar for mobile
  1. In the mobile version’s main calendar interface, scroll down until you find the meeting you wish to reschedule. In this case, it is the event named Meeting. Click on it to open the event schedule screen.
  2. Click on the Up arrow (^). This will show additional options for you to choose from.
  3. Click on Propose a new time. This will open a new screen for you to select the time from.
  4. You can choose a new time from your calendar on the new screen. You can also see your events so you can choose a time that suits you. Click on the time frame. These times are shown in 1-hour divisions.
  5. Once the time is selected, click on the Send button to confirm.

The event organizer will receive a notification for the new proposed time. They can check the Google Calendar and decide whether to reschedule the meeting or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Suggest New Time in Google Calendar?

When a meeting is being scheduled by the event organizer, they have the option to add the participants. Most of the time, some participants may not have free time in their schedule. The participants can then propose a new time for the meeting. Here’s how to suggest a new time in Google Calendar: Wrapping Up the Google Calendar Suggest

  1. Clicking on the meeting name and then clicking on the Propose a new meeting time.
  2. Enter your desired meeting time.
  3. Click on Send. The meeting organizer will be notified, and they can then choose whether they want to accept it or not.

How Do I Propose a New Time in Google Calendar After Accepting Invites?

Here’s how to propose a new time on Google Calendar after accepting invites:

  1. Go to your Google Calendar and sign in.
  2. Click your desired event.
  3.  At the bottom right part of the window, click on Propose a new time.
  4. In the new window, enter your desired time, and you can also type a message there if you want.
  5. Once finished, click on Send proposal.

Why Can’t I Propose New Time Google Calendar?

If you can’t see the setting to propose a new time, then you might be one of the organizers, which means you can change the meeting’s start time. If you aren’t the meeting organizer, you might be viewing an event in a shared calendar that you don’t have permission to edit.

Wrapping Up the Google Calendar Suggest New Time Guide

Sometimes, life gets in the way, and we cannot attend the scheduled meetings. Knowing how to change meeting times in Google Calendar can be handy. We hope this article helped you better understand how to propose a new time in Google Calendar and improved your overall workflow.

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