Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi? Here Are 15 Easy Fixes

Is your Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi? There can be a number of causes and solutions for this error. Luckily, this guide covers all of them in detail so you can find the right solution for your TV.

The simplest solution is to reset your devices, such as your router and the TV itself. If you don’t know how to do this and need step-by-step instructions, or you’ve already tried this and it didn’t work, read on to learn more.

Error Codes for Samsung TV WiFi Connection Error

If your Samsung TV fails to connect to WiFi, then you will likely see one of the following error codes:

  • Error Code 001
  • Error Code 012
  • Error Code 102
  • Error Code 105
  • Error Code 107
  • Error Code 116
  • Error Code 118
  • Error Code 301
  • Error Code 0-1
  • Error Code 7-1
  • Message code: 0
  • Samsung TV Error 107
  • Samsung TV Error 13

These error codes can show up when your Samsung TV fails to detect a wireless connection or keeps disconnecting. Let’s take a look at some of how you can fix this.

How to Fix a Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi

There can be several reasons your Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi. Thankfully, troubleshooting issues with a WiFi connection can be fixed in multiple ways. Here is how to fix WiFi not working on Samsung TV:

Restart your Samsung TV

Restarting your Samsung TV is the thing you should do first if it is not connecting to your WiFi. You can do this in two ways:

  1. The first thing you should do is unplug the Samsung TV from its power source for 60 seconds. Then plug it back in. After the TV is on, wait one minute and see if it boots up again. The WiFi should connect to your Samsung TV.
  2. The second way is to use the power button on the TV remote to restart it. Turn the TV on and press the power button. Hold it there for a few seconds, and it will restart. Let go of the button when the TV is on. Wait for 60 seconds before using your TV. The TV will be connected to your WiFi.

Restart Your Internet Modem

If restarting your TV doesn’t fix the Samsung TV WiFi issues, you can try restarting your router. When the router runs for a long period, it can start to overheat, which may lead to lower network performance. Longer connection times mean more devices have been connected to the WiFi, which can cause network congestion. When routers are kept running, their firmware can become outdated, which can cause connection issues.

Restarting your internet modem can fix these issues by allowing your router to reset and reconnect to the older connections. A new connection is also made with your ISP’s server. Restarting will also clear your router’s cache and resolve IP address conflicts.

To restart your internet modem, switch it off and unplug your router from the main switch. Some routers have inbuilt capacitors that can keep the router running for a few seconds in case of power failure. Keep the router disconnected for up to a minute to ensure the capacitors are fully discharged. Afterward, plug in your router and try connecting to it again once it has connected to the internet.

Check the WiFi Password

If you’re setting up the WiFi connection on your TV for the first time and Samsung TV won’t connect to the internet, you may have entered the password incorrectly.

To forget and re-add the network on your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. On your TV’s remote, press the Settings button. Alternatively, you may also press the Settings option on the home screen of the Samsung TV, which is usually on the left side of the screen.
Go to General then Network when the samsung tv not connecting to wifi
  1. Click on the General option and then choose the Network option.
Open the network settings
  1. Now, choose the Open network settings option.
Select wireless
  1. Select the Wireless option.
  2. After the Wireless Connection window appears, click the Manage saved networks option.
  3. Locate and choose the network you wish to delete, then choose the Delete option.
  4. After the WiFi network is deleted, repeat the previous steps to go to the Wireless Connection window. Here, choose the WiFi you wish to connect and enter your password. The WiFi will hopefully be connected to your Samsung TV.

You may want to consider changing your WiFi password for security reasons too.

Reduce the Number of Connected Devices

Most modern WiFi routers have a set limit on the number of devices that can be connected to them. The signal of your WiFi device will weaken if more devices are connected to it. If you’re facing a wireless connection failed Samsung TV error, disconnect other devices from the WiFi network. Generally, having one to five devices connected simultaneously to WiFi shouldn’t cause an issue. You can learn how to check the devices connected to the network from our linked guide.

Not only will having fewer devices on the network allow you to have better WiFi performance, but there will also be reduced interference among the signals, and the network security will be increased as there are lesser opportunities for security breaches.

Keep Your WiFi Router Near the TV

If you can’t see the network or if it keeps disconnecting, chances are that your WiFi router is further away from the TV, or there are obstacles between the TV and the router. Samsung recommends that the TV and router should be less than 15 meters away from each other to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted WiFi connection.

To check the network strength of the WiFi router, follow these steps:

  1. On your TV remote, click the Settings button and head over to the General settings.
  2. Select the Network option and then choose the Open network settings option.
Open the wireless connection
  1. Now, select the Wireless option to see the available WiFi networks. The strength of the WiFi connection is shown by the WiFi icon beside the network name. More bars in the WiFi icon mean a better connection.

Consider changing the location of the router or the TV if the signal strength is weak. If none of the options is viable for you, you can add a WiFi extender or booster near the middle of the TV and WiFi router, which will help boost the signals of the network.

A wifi extender

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Fix the Date and Time

People using Samsung TVs often face problems with the WiFi connection, mainly because the time and date are incorrect. This happens due to the TV and router’s different time and date settings. Here is how to fix the date and time on your Samsung TV:

  1. On your Samsung TV, open Settings.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Select the System Manager option.
  4. Choose the Time option.
  5. Now click on the Clock button.
  6. Click the Clock Mode button to see if it says Manual or Auto. If it says Manual, then switch it to Auto. Alternatively, if it says Auto, switch it to Manual and manually enter the time and date.

Check the Connection Using Smart Hub

You may also use the self-diagnosis feature to check and identify the network issue in your Samsung TV. Here is how to do this:

  1. On your Samsung TV, go to Settings.
  2. Choose the Support option.
  3. Click on the Device Care option.
  4. Now, select the Self Diagnosis option.
  5. Click the Smart Hub Connection Test option to take the connection test.

Change the IP and DNS Settings

Changing your TV’s DNS and IP options can also fix the WiFi not connection issue on your Samsung Smart TV. Here is how to change the IP and DNS settings on Samsung Smart TV:

  1. On your Samsung TV, go to Settings.
  2. Choose the General option.
  3. Click on the Network option.
  4. Choose the Network Status option.
  5. You will now be able to see your network status. Select the IP Settings option.
  6. Now, set it to the Get automatically option.
  7. Scroll down and choose the DNS setting option. If it is set to Manual, switch it to Get automatically, and if it is set to Get automatically, switch it to Manual.
  8. After switching to Manual, your DNS Server will be active. Using your remote, enter
  9. After you are done, click on the OK option to save the changes you made.
  10. Restart your Samsung TV.

Change the TV Name

You may face the Samsung Smart TV not connecting to WiFi issue if you own multiple smart TVs using the same name as the same names may cause interference with the WiFi network. Here is how to change the name of Samsung TV:

  1. Click the Settings button on the remote and head to the General settings.
  2. Here, find and click on the System Manager button.
  3. Find the Device name option and click on it, showing the onscreen keyboard that allows you to change the name. Enter a new name and click on the Enter button to save it.
  4. Now, restart the TV to apply the changes systemwide.

Change the Settings

Several users facing the Samsung TV can’t connect to WiFi error suggest changing some TV settings to fix the network connection issues. These are:

  • Turn off the Power on with mobile option: You can do this by going to Settings and then on General. Here, go to Network and then Expert settings, where you can turn the option on or off.
  • Set to Home mode: You can do this by going to Settings and then on General. Here, go to System Manager and then to Usage mode. There, click on Set Home mode. The default pin for the TV is 0000 if the TV prompts you to enter it.
  • Turn off AnyNet+: To do this, go to Settings and General settings. Here, go to the External device manager and turn AnyNet+ off.

Reset the Network Settings

If none of the methods help fix the Samsung TV not connecting to the internet issue, you can try resetting the network settings of the TV. This will reset all the network settings to the factory values meaning you will have to connect to the WiFi again. Here is how to reset the network settings on a Samsung TV:

Open the Network
  1. On your Samsung TV, go to Settings and head over to the General section and click on Network.
Reset the network
  1. Here, select the Reset Network option.
Select Yes
  1. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the Yes option to confirm your action.
  2. After resetting, you can re-enter your WiFi network password and connect again.

You can learn how to fix a problem with a wireless adapter or access point from the linked guide.

Reset the Smart Hub

If resetting the network settings doesn’t fix the Samsung TV wireless connection failed error, you can try to reset the TV’s smart hub. Doing so will return the smart hub to its factory settings, which uninstalls the apps and removes any accounts logged in to your TV. Here is how to reset the Samsung Smart Hub:

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung Smart TV and the Support section.
  2. Here, click on Device Care and then on Self Diagnosis.
  3. Click on the Reset Smart Hub option. You may be prompted to enter the security pin, which is 0000 by default.

Now, restart your TV for the changes to be applied.

Factory Reset Your TV

Finally, you can reset your TV to the default factory settings if nothing else seems to work. Doing so will restore everything to the default settings, and you will have to go through the setup process similar to when you first bought the TV. Here is how to factory reset your Samsung Smart TV:

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung Smart TV and head to the General section.
  2. Here, click on Reset.
  3. A confirmation window will show up. You will be prompted to enter the pin. The default pin is 0000.

Connect Using an Ethernet Cable

If you cannot connect to WiFi on Samsung TV, try using an ethernet cable to see if the issue persists. Your TV or router box should have one. If your TV is in another room, consider moving near the WiFi router just to test the connection using the ethernet cable. If the ethernet cable works, then you can continue using your TV using the ethernet cable.

If you want to use your Samsung TV to share your mobile screen, you can learn how to do so using our guide on how to mirror iPhone to TV with or without WiFi.

Replace the WiFi Module on the TV

A replacement WiFi module

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If the ethernet seems to work, but WiFi isn’t working, then your Samsung TV likely has a faulty WiFi module. If your TV is new, you can check the warranty status using the Samsung Warranty site. Unfortunately, the TV warranty usually lasts a year unless you pay to extend it. If your TV is under a year old or still in warranty, you can return the TV under warranty to get it fixed by Samsung.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Connect Samsung TV to WiFi?

To connect your smart TV to WiFi, head to the TV’s Settings and click General. Here, click on Network and then choose the Open Network Settings option. In the list of WiFi networks, select the WiFi network name to connect to it.

Why Won’t the Samsung Smart TV Connect to WiFi?

There are several reasons why Samsung TV doesn’t connect to WiFi. To fix this, try reconnecting to your WiFi by forgetting the network in the WiFi settings and reconnecting. Restart your TV and router, and check if the firmware is updated on both devices. You can reset your TV and router to their default settings if nothing else works.

Video Guide

Thanks to WorldOfTech for the video guide below:

Wrapping Up

In the above article, we listed all of the available solutions for a Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi. Hopefully, you found the right one and you’re happily streaming content directly to your TV again. Please drop a comment to let us and everyone else looking to fix their TV which solution worked for you. If you found this article useful, you may also like some of the related content below.


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