20+ Funny Meeting Memes for Every Work Situation


Sometimes you need a good laugh to remove tension in an office — especially if meetings go on for hours. But with so many people working from home (WFH), jokes don’t have as much impact as they would among the cubicles.

So, how can you garner those laughs from your team? It’s simple: Use a funny meeting meme to get your colleagues’ spirits up.

Using Work Meeting Memes for Different Situations

Team meetings are a common occurrence for a lot of jobs. If you don’t share a physical workspace, the next best thing is to hop on a Google Meet or Zoom call to discuss updates and ensure that everyone’s on the same page.

It’s no secret that regular work meetings can get monotonous pretty quickly. So why not shake things up with some hilarious yet relatable memes?

Note: Remember to use your work meeting memes accordingly and with care. Don’t use anything that might offend or disrespect your co-workers.

1. Receiving the Meeting Notice

Most employees know the feeling of seeing a new team meeting invitation arrive in their work inbox. Let’s face it: It’s something people rarely look forward to, especially when it’s something that could have been discussed via email instead.

If that’s the case, then here’s a meme that should earn a chuckle or two from your workmates!

Meeting memes—Getting ready for a Zoom that should just be an email meme

“Fun” Meetings

Regular meeting invites might be obnoxious, but what about when your boss explicitly states that it’s going to be a “fun” one? That pretty much guarantees a snooze-fest. Why not brighten the mood before all the “fun” starts?

When your boss says it's going to be a fun meeting meme

When You’re Swamped with Work

Maybe you’ve got a ton of meetings lined up for the day. It can feel like it will never end. In that case, this team meeting meme is funny and relatable.

Oh look! Another meeting invite meme Dori

2. Remembering You Have Mandatory Meetings

Some companies have a mandatory meeting at the start of the week. These types of meetings tend to go on for long stretches, making an already slow workday seem even slower.

Looking for a meme to perfectly capture that feeling? Share this one with a coworker or group chat that feels the same way.

The Mondaytory meeting meme

3. Finding Out the Meeting Is Canceled

Few things can lift your spirits like finding out that an upcoming meeting has been canceled. Your workday becomes just a little brighter. If you’re feeling extra jolly, here’s a meme that expresses that emotion accurately:

Sound of music cancelled meeting meme

If Your Presentation Was Canceled

While most people likely feel better when a team meeting gets canceled, the same can’t be said for the employees that spent hours working on a presentation (only to find out that the meeting got canceled or moved).

Let's spend countless hours preparing for a meeting that will be delayed, canceled, or misrepresented meme

4. Starting the Meeting

You can start meetings with a meme to spice up the atmosphere. It might help your team feel more comfortable and convince them that it might be a little fun. Send this when some people join the call at the exact start time.

Y U so early? The meeting will begin shortly meme

Team Meeting Memes

When having a team meeting, it’s normal to want to foster a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. That way, it’ll encourage co-workers to interact more with one another and can make the entire experience more pleasant. Team meetings are a great way to make this happen.

Here are a couple you and your teammates can laugh about.

1. Sending the Meeting Notice

There may be times when you have to send those unwanted meeting invites to your colleagues. Since you know how most people feel about them, why don’t you go ahead and include a tasteful meeting meme to lighten the mood?

Let's have a meeting meme


Or you can go with a more direct — yet still fun — meeting announcement meme like this one:

Beautiful day meeting at 5 meme

2. Announcing the Team Meeting

Here’s another way to announce the meeting to your co-workers while keeping it fun and straight to the point. Just post this little meme in your team group chat to let them know that a meeting’s coming up.

Meeting brick Anchorman meme


Sometimes, management schedules a meeting to “just check in” with the team — but you always know it’ll involve a lot more than that. For those types of situations, share this gem:

Team meeting to "just check in" meme

3. Arriving at the Meeting Late

When you’re running late for the meeting, starting over or proposing a new time might be awkward. But it’s usually a good time for a meme! When you join, let your team know you’re finally on the call.

Bart Simpson late for the meeting meme

Staff Meeting Meme

Staff meetings generally include multiple departments, a variety of projects, and a ton of updates. Given how long-winded they can be, they could definitely use a fun meme to take the edge off.

1. Ending the Staff Meeting

It’s not uncommon for a staff meeting to drone on for an hour or two. When it’s over, it feels like absolute bliss.

End of an all-staff meeting meme

2. Finding out There’s No Agenda

A meeting without an agenda can get frustrating quickly. It makes the meeting last a lot longer than it has to, leaving you feeling as though you’re stuck in an infinite call. Here’s an agenda meme that could bring some laughs.

Willy Wonka no agenda meme

In a Meeting Meme

Some of the best team meeting memes are the ones you come up with while the meeting’s still underway. It could be about something funny the presenter said, something unexpected that happened halfway through, or even a particularly boring section that had the participants nodding off. Ensure your audience is comfortable with your humor to avoid stepping on any toes.

1. Wanting to Leave the Meeting

You know the feeling of wanting the meeting to just end already. Then someone asks a question…or three. If you’ve ever encountered a similar situation, there’s a funny team meeting meme to express it.

Kevin Hart someone keeps asking questions meme

2. Falling Asleep in the Meeting

Let’s be real: If the call started off early in the morning, you might start nodding off. Even at moments like these, there are great office meeting memes:

Trying to stay awake during meeting Mr. Bean meme


For particularly long-winded meetings, it’s normal to start feeling a bit antsy or frustrated. Chances are, you’re not the only one who feels that way.

Five minutes into the morning meeting meme


It’s difficult to stay focused during a lengthy staff meeting — and it’s normal for your mind to wander off into some strange thoughts. It may sound silly, but we found a pretty good meme to represent that feeling:

How they got the big table through the door meme

3. Having a Presentation

Being in a meeting doesn’t mean you only have to join the call and wait for it to end. Sometimes, you’re presenting something. While it feels much less nerve-wracking to do it online, you can still mess up every now and then.

When you accidentally share the wrong screen meme


Presentations could also be awful for other employees, especially during morning meetings. If you feel the same way, insert this funny meeting meme:

I am bitter presentation meme

Final Thoughts

A perfectly timed meeting meme could be just what you need to turn a dreary workday around. It’s perfect for when you’re trying to liven things up a little, setting a more casual tone, or poking fun at the number of meetings on the team calendar. Who knows? Your meme might bring some necessary laughs to an otherwise gray day!

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