How to Quickly Freeze / Lock Rows in Google Sheets

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You may want to freeze/lock rows in Google Sheets if you’re working with a large dataset that requires you to scroll up and down a lot.

Freezing rows at the top would make those rows visible all the time so that you never lose a track of what column represents what metrics.

Something as shown below:

Freeze / Lock Rows in Google Sheets - demo

In the above example, the first row has been frozen so that it is always visible when you go down the data set.

In this tutorial, I will show you two ways to quickly freeze rows in Google Sheets.

#1 Freeze Rows in Google Sheets Using the Mouse

This is a super quick way to freeze rows in Google Sheets.

Go to the top left part of the sheet where you’ll see an empty gray box. Note that there are two thick gray lines in that box (on the right and to the left).

All you need to do isĀ hover your mouse on the gray line, and when you see the hand icon, left-click and drag it down.

This will instantly freeze all the rows above the gray line (as shown below):

Freeze Rows in Google Sheets - Using mouse

#2 Freeze Rows in Google Sheets Using the View Options

While the mouse trick (shown above) is super handy, there is another way to freeze rows in Google Sheets.

Here are the steps:

  • Select the cell in the column till which you want the rows to be frozen. For example, if you want the top five rows to be frozen, select the cell in row 5.
  • Go to View –> Freeze –> Up to Current Row (5). Note that the number in the parenthesis would change based on what cell you have selected.

This would freeze all the rows including and above the one selected.

Also, note that Google Sheets provide 2 default options – Freeze the top row or freeze the top two rows.

Unfreezing the frozen Rows

Again there are two ways to unfreeze the frozen rows in Google Sheets:

  • Using Mouse: Hover the mouse over the thick gray line that appears right below the last row that has been frozen. Left click and drag it to bring it to the top. This will unfreeze all the frozen rows.
  • Using View Options: Go to View –> Freeze –> No Rows.

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