How To Print Labels From Google Sheets [Easy Guide]


Regarding free spreadsheet software, Google Sheets is hard to beat. In this program, you can make labels, mailing lists, and other documents based-data, thus making it a useful tool. However, printing labels is not an option in Google Sheets. But don’t worry. If you want to learn how to print labels from Google Sheets, you may use the free “Create & print labels” add-on from Labelmaker to offer this capability.

The add-on imports data from the Google Sheets spreadsheet, prepares it, and outputs it as a Google Docs document suitable for printing. The label documents may be printed after creation in the same manner as other documents.

This guide will demonstrate how to download and utilize the “Create & print labels” extension, by Labelmaker, for Google Docs and print the labels from Google Sheets data. Read on to learn how to make labels from Google Sheets and print them from Docs.

Prepare Your Document

When printing labels from Google Sheets, it would help if you had or set up a new Google sheet containing the labels or data information that you’d want to print. Headers such as “Full Name,” “Address,” “City State,” “Zip Code,” etc. should appear in the first row of the sheet.

Below is our sample spreadsheet that we’ll use for this tutorial, we’ll cover the basic steps for building an address list to create labels from Google Sheets later in the article:

Sample Address List

Get Google Sheets’ Create & Print Labels Add-on Installed.

You may use a Google Workspace Marketplace add-on called Create & Print Labels to generate labels from Google Sheets and Google Docs. To print mailing labels from Google Sheets you must install it or a similar add-on. Here’s how:

  1. Open a blank Google Docs file.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Add-ons. Doing this will display a list of available add-ons.
The Google Workspace Marketplace
  1. At the top, there’s a search bar at the top, and since we want the “Create & print labels” add-on, we will find it by using the search bar option. Therefore, type the add-on’s name on the search bar and press Enter.
Create and print labels
Label apps in the Google Workspace marketplace
  1. Select Labelmaker Create and Print Labels. It’s the first item on the list from the left. Doing this will prompt a pop-up asking you to install it. Note: This isn’t the only app that can create labels, so you could try out one of the others for printing address labels from Google Sheets if you wanted to.
Install create and print labels in Google Sheets
  1. Click Install. A pop-up will appear asking permission to start installing. Confirm by pressing Continue.
Continue to add permissions
  1. You will be directed to sign in to your email address. Enter your email address and password and proceed to the next by clicking Next.
Sign into you Google Account
  1. After successfully signing in, a pop-up window will appear for you to grant Labelmaker access to your Google Account. Click Allow to be able to print address labels from Google Sheets.
  2. A pop-up notification will indicate that the add-on has been installed successfully. Click Done at the bottom.
Finish the installation

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How to Create an Address List

As we mentioned earlier, we need an address list to be able to demonstrate how to create mailing labels from Google Sheets.

Since we have already installed our necessary add-on, we are going to focus on how to create an address list. The add-on will work best if you include certain parameters, so while it may be tempting to skip this section, at least give it a quick look.

  1. Navigate to  and log in using the Google account where you installed Create and Print Labels add-on, if you haven’t logged in yet.
  1. Select Blank under “Start a new spreadsheet” to create a fresh Google sheet.
Open a blank spreadsheet
  1. Divide the components of the address into distinct columns and provide appropriate column headings. Any address has main components: Name, City, Street, and State. Follow the steps exactly to produce Create & print labels’ correct tags.
Building an address list
  1. Input all the address information appropriately after creating the column headers. Make sure your spreadsheet has a proper name. It’s one of the most important points to remember for producing address labels using the Create & print labels add-on.
Sample Address List

You can choose to show or hide the gridlines in Google Sheets before you move on with the label making too.

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Merging Labels

Here’s how to print address labels from Google Sheets through the add-on:

  1. It’s time to combine those labels with Google Docs after you’ve generated an address list. Open a browser and navigate to
    Add a blank doc
  2. Click Add-ons/extensions after starting a new document. Choose Create & print labels, and then click create labels.
How to Print Labels From Google Sheets
  1. Click “Select a Spreadsheet” in the resulting right pane to connect the spreadsheet from which you wish to extract data.
The labelmaker menu
  1. You can get information out of your Google spreadsheet by doing this. You will view all of your sheets in a dialog window that may be connected to the document. Choose the address list that you just created a short while ago.
Import the address list
  1. Label the data after adding it. Each column heading from the address list has to be added to its line in the box in the document’s center. Click the name of each column heading in the spreadsheet’s information to add them one by one until they are all visible in the document. To avoid having the address printed as a single line, ensure every column header title is located on its row.
Add fields to the address list
  1. Tap Merge when done. The Google Doc is now prepared for printing since the address list from the spreadsheet is combined into it. A pop-up will show as a confirmation after the integration is finished.
Successful generation of address labels

How to Print Labels From Google Sheets

  1. Select the print button. You may find it in Google Docs’ top-left menu bar.
How to print the labels
  1. Allocate your printer. If you can’t see it, click see more to find it. Once you’ve done that, click print/save at the bottom of the page. That’s it!
Pick a printer to print Google Sheets address labels

You can also set the print area in Google Sheets from this menu.


The primary thing that can go wrong is incorrect label headers, so make sure you have them correct when you’re building your address list.

You’ll also notice that after you generate the labels, there’s a link to an article that covers how to fix any alignment issues. Just click on that to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Google Sheets With Avery Labels?

Yes, there are a few different add-ons that can use Avery labels. Simply navigate to Extensions > Add-ons and then type Avery labels into the search box. Select an add-on from there, install it, then follow the instructions when you open the add-on in the extensions menu.

Does Google Have a Template for Address Labels?

No, there’s no default Google Sheets label template. But you can download an add-on instead, which will basically do the same thing.

How Do I Make Labels for Free in Google Sheets?

Most of the label maker add-ons for Google Sheets have a free version or trial period. But, if you need to make bulk address labels over a long period, you will likely have to fork out for a paid version. Or, here’s how to print labels from Google Sheets for free—Sign in with a different Google account to use the trial period again.

How Do I Print Address Labels From a Google Spreadsheet?

The best way is to use an add-on that imports the data from Google Sheets into Docs, as the layout will be better for printing.

Wrapping Up the Print Labels from Google Sheets Guide

Although labels may be created manually, employing a Google Docs add-on expedites and simplifies the process. There are a few to choose from, but in our experience, the Create and print labels add-on is the best. Hopefully, you’ve now learned How to Print Labels From Google Sheets. Let us know in the comments if you need any more help.


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