How to Create a Second Amazon Baby Registry in Under 5 Mins


Congratulations on having a second baby, you have survived the first, and now you are about to become a parent again.

A baby registry is a great way to keep track of items you want to buy for your baby and help your family and friends know what to buy so that you can avoid the awkwardness of buying double gifts. You can also receive a free welcome gift once you successfully create your registry.

In this article, we’ll guide you through how to create a second Amazon baby registry for your on Amazon. But if you’re looking for a quick answer, the easiest way is to simply delete the old one and start again. If you need to know more, read on for an in-depth guide.

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How to Create a Second Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon baby registry website is not that easy or clear to understand when it comes to the steps one needs to take to make a second Amazon baby registry. That is why the primary purpose of this article is to outline the steps for creating a second Amazon baby registry as clearly as possible so that making your own doesn’t have to be a huge hassle.

There are three ways you can create a second Amazon baby registry. We’ll list them below:

  1. Create a new active registry.
  2. Update or change your old registry.
  3. Delete your old registry and start fresh.

Before we dive into the steps of each method you can use, you should consider the following.

  • Make sure that you are logged in to your Amazon account.
  • These methods will only work if you have an baby active registry in your Amazon account already.

How to Have Two or More Active Baby Registries at Once

Amazon does not allow you to have two or more baby registries active simultaneously. All of the methods below will only let you have a single baby registry active. The only way to have multiple active at the same time is to create several registries under different Amazon accounts.

For example, let’s say you’re having two baby showers, one for friends and one for family, and want to have separate registers for each. You could use your own Amazon account for one and use the other parent’s account for a second registry. You could of course ask a close friend or family to help you out by making a registry on their account for you too.

Once you’ve lined up a second account to use, you can use the methods below to create a second baby registry on Amazon.

  1. Create a New Active Registry and Archive Your Old or Original One

This option is best suited if you do not need or have no use for the items in your original registry on Amazon, have a second child, or if you just want to start a brand-new baby registry.

The steps for doing this are pretty similar to how to create a baby registry on the Amazon app in the first place.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to successfully create a new active registry.

Step 1: Navigate to the Amazon Baby Registry page through your browser or app.

How to access your Amazon baby registry

Step 2: Select Your Registry, which is at the navigation at the top of the page.

Click on Your Registry

Step 3: Scroll all the way to the end of the page and look for the Create a New Baby Registry and select it.

Click on create my baby registry

Step 4: Enter the necessary details in the required fields for the second registry.

Fill in the details

Step 5: Finalize by clicking on Create my Baby Registry

How to create a second Amazon baby registry

After completing the steps above, your original baby registry will change to inactive and become private to the public.

This method ensures that your original baby registry is still available and accessible to edit. Also, note that if you have registered for Amazon prime as a member, you will still be able to claim your free Amazon baby box with your second registry.

  1. Update your Current Registry with New Items

Updating your current registry with new items is the simplest and quickest way to avoid having to learn how to change an Amazon baby registry link.

Make sure you are completely finished with your original baby registry before updating it since you may lose some discounts and promotions.

Here’s how you update your current registry with newly requested items.

Step 1: Navigate to the Amazon Baby Registry page.

Step 2: Select Your Registry, which is at the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3: Delete, Add, and Edit the items as you want.

Click on add items

You will not get a free Amazon registry box if you choose this option as your second baby registry.

  1. Delete your Old Registry and Start a Fresh One

This is a more permanent option than the others. You can delete your old or original baby registry and create an entirely new one. It’s an excellent way to stay organized.

Here is how to delete an Amazon baby registry and create a new one

Step 1: Navigate to the Amazon Baby Registry page.

Step 2: Select Your Registry, which is at the navigation at the top of the page.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Delete your registry option and select it.

How to delete a baby registry to create a new one

Step 4: A pop-up box will show up, and select the Yes, delete my registry option.

Confirm you want to delete the registry

Step 5: Amazon will then give you the option to create a second baby registry.

Please note that if you fail to redeem any of the benefits and promotions available for your registry before you delete it, then they will be disabled. These include diaper discounts, completion discounts, and welcome discounts, according to Amazon.

How to Use the Amazon Baby Registry Checklist

The checklist button is usually at the top of the menu as well as the baby registry checklist, it is reasonably easy to use the checklist.

Amazon also has a baby registry lookup feature whereby you can choose items from twelve categories, each with several themes. The categories also expand into subcategories with more things.

You can add products by clicking Add to registry in each product box. Click on the item to view its description and reviews.

Click add to registry

Click the box next to the subcategory after registering all the items you desire in the section to tick it.

How to Change Amazon Baby Registry Link

Unfortunately, you are no longer able to change your Amazon baby registry URL if you want to. But you can use tools such as Bitly to shorten the link or turn it into a QR code.

That is how you change your Amazon baby registry link to something different, but it is usually not worth it. But, if you make a new registry using the methods we described above, you will get a new link to send to your friends and family.

How to Share an Amazon Baby Registry Link

If you want to find out how to share an Amazon baby registry, simply get your baby registry URL and share it by selecting Share from the top menu in your baby registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make Two Baby Registries on Amazon?

Yes, You can make two baby registries on Amazon however, they will not all be active and accessible to the public at the same time.

Your first or original registry will become inactive as the second one takes its place. This is why most people just delete the first registry and create a new registry for another child. If you need two registries active at the same time to cater to multiple events for your baby, you could consider making a second registry on your partner’s, close friend’s, or family member’s Amazon account.

How Do I Find a Registry on Amazon?

Here’s how to find a baby registry on Amazon:

  1. In you’re account, go to Accounts & Lists
    Click on accounts and list
  1. Select “Baby Registry” from the drop-down.
    Click on baby registry
  2. Search for the name of the registry or browse through the registries to find the one you’re looking for.

What Percentage Does Amazon Take From the Baby Registry?

There is no fee or percentage that Amazon takes from the baby registry. Amazon actually provides a discount to prime members on buying through a baby registry.

However, fees and charges for other services on Amazon, like fulfillment and shipping of the items purchased, still apply. Additionally, if you choose to withdraw cash gifts from your baby registry, you may have to pay a withdrawal fee depending on the withdrawal method you choose.

Does Amazon Tell You Who Bought Off Your Baby Registry?

Yes, Amazon has a thank you list in place so that when someone buys off your baby registry, their names and address will be indicated in it.

Some of the people buying off your baby registry don’t share their addresses, so their addresses won’t show.

Wrapping Up

With the Amazon baby registry, you have access to a wide variety of products for your baby. In this article, we’ve taken you through how to create a second Amazon baby registry by updating your old one or deleting it, or starting a new one. Don’t forget if you need more than one registry active at a time, you will need to use multiple Amazon accounts.

Already set up with more gifts than you know how to handle? We recently discussed how to transfer an Amazon gift card to cash. Congratulations on your growing family. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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