Productivity Templates

Here are some useful are the productivity templates.

Print it and start using it right away

  • To Do List
    • Use this template to create a simple yet effective to-do list. There is no better way to write it down and then go about checking off tasks as you complete it.
  • Task Prioritization Matrix Template
    • If your to-do list is longer than the Great Wall of China, it’s time to switch to this amazing technique of work prioritization. Assess your tasks for its urgency and importance, and bucket it into four categories.
  • 1-3-5 Productivity Template
    • Not all tasks are equally important. Identify one most important task for the day, 3 tasks with medium priority, and 5 with even less priority. Now start from the top of the list and say hello to a productive day.
  • Seinfeld Productivity Secret – Template
    • Saving the best for the last. This one is my personal favorite. Decide one most important thing you want to achieve in next 3-6 months, and start doing it daily. Whenever you do it, mark it in the template (cross the date). As the chain builds up, try not to break it. The longer the chain, more success you taste.