How Does Snap Score Work in Snapchat? + 7 Ways to Increase It

Have you ever seen your Snapchat score? You might have seen a number by your username on Snapchat or you may have even tried to increase it.

In this article, we will explain how Snapchat scores work, what makes your Snap score go up, what Snapchat Trophies are, and more!

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

A Snap score is a number that represents all your combined activities on Snapchat. If the number is high, that means the user is very active on the app.

Snapchat defines their scoring method as such:

“Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a few other factors.”

Snapchat points are believed to increase by combining several factors, including:

  • Your general activity on the app
  • Sent Snaps
  • Received Snaps
  • Posted Stories
  • The number of Discover videos you’ve watched
  • The number of friends you have

Can I Have a Zero Snapchat Score?

You can’t lose your Snapchat score but it’s possible to have a zero score if you have only just installed the app. As soon as you start interacting, the score can only go up.

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How to Find Your Snapchat Score

Follow these easy steps to see your Snapchat score:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Tap on Bitmoji on the upper left.
Where to find your Snapchat score in profile


  1. Your Snapchat score is displayed next to a ghost icon (below your name).
Ghost icon next to Snap score screenshot


  1. Click on the numbers to see how many snaps you sent and how many you received.
How many Snaps were sent and received

How to Find Someone Else’s Snapchat Score

In addition to checking their own Snap scores, Snapchat users can also check their friends’ scores:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Open the chat box of the friend whose Snapchat score you want to see.
  3. Tap on their name.
  4. Below their profile name, you’ll see a ghost icon and the number that represents their Snapchat score.

How to Increase Snap Score

You can increase your Snap score by sending Snaps to multiple people simultaneously and by sending daily Snaps to friends.

While there is no clear recipe for boosting your points, there are some tips that can help you make your score on Snap score go up.

1. Send Snaps to Multiple People

One of the best ways to increase your activity on Snapchat is by sending each of your friends a Snap, rather than uploading your images on the story.

2. Be More Creative in Sending Snaps

Try experimenting with your Snaps. Try adding texts, GIFs, stickers, and other edits to your images. You don’t want your friends to get bored with your content and leave your messages unread.

3. Keep Adding Friends

Another good way to increase your Snapchat score is by continuously adding friends on the platform. Whenever you connect with someone on Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn, try to connect with them on Snapchat, too.

4. Avoid Sending Direct Messages

Instead of direct messages (which won’t increase your Snap score), try responding to them via a picture or a Snap.

5. Never Leave Snaps Unread

Make sure you open your Snaps regularly. It doesn’t matter if the Snap you received is important to you or not: leaving it unread won’t increase your snap score.

6. Add Stories to Your Snapchat Profile

While adding stories on Snapchat doesn’t increase your Snapchat score, stories definitely can.

7. Keep Up With Explore Videos

Explore is a section on Snapchat that helps you discover videos and stories from various popular creators. If you use Explore on Snapchat frequently, it increases your activity and may increase your Snap score, too.

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What to Do If Your Snapchat Score Isn’t Updating

As we mentioned before, your Snap score can’t go down. But if you’ve been using the app every day — and your score isn’t changing — there are a few steps to take::

  1. Update your Snapchat app to the most recent version.
  2. Restart your phone.
  3. Wait a few hours in case Snapchat is having technical problems.
  4. Contact Snapchat support and ask for assistance.

Can I Buy Snap Score Online?

You can’t buy a Snap score online, so avoid shady websites that claim they can sell it to you. A third party can never boost your score and might steal your money. And they definitely won’t increase your Snap score (again, because this isn’t possible).

Can I Earn Snapchat Trophies?

In the early days of Snapchat, users could unlock trophies by earning a high Snap score. Since then, Snapchat has replaced the trophies with charms that appear on your and your friends’ profiles which show similarities between you and your friend. Just like Snap scores, charms have no practical purpose: They’re just for fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How High Can Your Snapchat Score Go?

The Snap score can go as high as 1 million. This would show that the users have been continuously active on the platform.

How Much Does Snap Score Go Up Per Snap?

If you send one snap to one friend, you get one point. If you start sending snaps to multiple friends, you may get additional points. For example, if you send a snap to ten people, you’d receive around ten points.

Does a Snap Score Go Up When You Receive or Open?

Your Snap score will go up when you open your snaps. However, receiving snaps doesn’t impact your Snapchat score: You actually need to open them to increase your activity on the platform.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it! If you were wondering how Snap score works, this guide showed you all possible ways to increase your activity and your points.

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