Alexa Red Ring: What It Means and How To Fix [2024 Guide]


Smart devices have become all the rage in recent years, ranging from Amazon’s Echo lineup being among the most well-known.

But many Echo owners have been experiencing the infamous Alexa red ring issue, causing the device to stop running as it should.

Fortunately, while the red ring on Alexa does signal that something’s wrong, it doesn’t mean that the speaker is broken. It just means that it needs some tweaking.

In this guide, we’ll go explain the different causes of the red ring and how to fix them. We’ll also go through the other color indicators that you may encounter.

Why Is My Alexa Red?

It’s easy to start panicking if your Alexa is not responding but lighting up red. After all, a red light is often associated with some sort of device failure. But in the case of Alexa speakers like the Amazon Echo models, this often indicates a communication issue of some sort.

For starters, an Amazon Echo red ring could signify that the device’s microphone has been switched off or isn’t functioning properly. That’s why it’s unable to capture your commands and appears unresponsive. If that’s the case, it will remain that way until you finally turn the mic on once more. This is the case for both the Echo and Echo Dot red light.

Another reason for the Alexa red ring is the device having trouble with the WI-FI connection. Normally, the ring is orange when trying to pair with your WI-FI, but there are times when it could turn red if the connection is cut abruptly.

Things are a bit different for the Echo Show, as the red line often appears at the bottom of the screen. But the reason for the indicator is usually the same, and the device is likely encountering some problems with the internet connection or microphone .

How To Fix Alexa Red Ring

The are different ways to resolve the red ring issue depending on the reason it’s showing up on your Alexa device. Here are the various fixes you can try to get your gizmo up and running again:

Re-enable The Microphone

This is the easiest fix among all the issues that may be causing the red dot problem. When the microphone on your Echo or Echo Dot is switched off, the light indicator turns red, so you check it out.

Resolving this problem is as simple as pressing the dedicated microphone button that’s usually found on top of the device. It looks like a circle with a slash across it. Once the microphone is turned back on, the ring should return to its calming blue hue.

Amazon Alexa red ring

Restart Your Alexa Device

You’d be surprised by the number of issues you can fix by giving a gadget a good restart. Simply unplug the device and give it around 15 to 20 seconds before plugging it back in. Hopefully, that red ring will be all gone once it powers back up.

Give Your Amazon Echo a Factory Reset

Amazon’s Echo line of products comes in various different models, each with a particular way to perform a factory reset. On the plus side, you can do this on the Amazon Alexa app on an Android or iOS mobile device instead.

Keep in mind that there is no actual “factory reset” option on the app, but deregistering and registering your account on the device once more has the same effect. Here’s how to factory reset an Echo Dot or other Echo model using the Amazon Alexa program:

  1. To get started, launch the Amazon Alexa app and tap the Devices option at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Next, tap Echo & Alexa at the top-left corner of the screen.
Echo & Alexa
  1. If you have more than one Alexa-capable device in your house or room, you’ll see a list of devices to choose from. Select the gadget that’s having the Alexa red ring issue.
Echo Dot
  1. After that, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.
Settings button
  1. Scroll down until you see the Registered To option, then tap Deregister on the right.
  1. Upon tapping, a pop-up will appear to warn you that you’re about to deregister your account from the device. Tap Deregister to finalize the process.
Deregister this device

You should see an orange light appear on your Echo device, signaling that it’s undergoing the reset operation properly. After that, the indicator light should turn off and then on again, indicating that the reset is complete and you should now proceed with the device setup. Set up the Alexa device as you did when you first got it, and it should be in working order.

Update Your Amazon Echo To The Latest Version

The Amazon Echo red ring problem may also be caused by an outdated driver. If that’s the case, simply follow the steps below to update your device to the newest software version:

  1. First, launch the Amazon Alexa app and tap the Devices option at the bottom of the screen.
Devices button
  1. Next, tap Echo & Alexa at the top-left corner.
Echo & Alexa
  1. If you have more than one Alexa-capable device in your house or room, you’ll see a list of devices to choose from. Select the gadget that’s having the Alexa red ring issue.
Echo dot
  1. Next, tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  1. After that, scroll all the way down and select the About option at the end. Should there be a new update for your Echo model, you’ll find it here.
About your Echo Dot

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

A slow Wi-Fi connection may result in your Alexa device having trouble registering your commands which, in turn, could cause the Alexa red ring to appear. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give your Wi-Fi router a quick restart and check if your internet is functioning at optimal speed.

Fixing The Red Line Problem On An Echo Show

The indicator for an Echo Show works a bit differently from the Echo or Echo Dot red ring. Instead of a ring, you’ll see a red line at the bottom of the screen, though it represents a communication issue just the same. This likely means that the mic isn’t working properly, and the video won’t be shared. Just follow the fixes outlined above to get it working again.

Other Indicator Light Colors Worth Mentioning

While Echo models have various indicator light colors with different meanings, there are only a few of them that warn you about issues with the device besides red. Here are they:

  • Orange: An orange indicator light means that the device is in setup mode or trying to connect to the internet. If it’s stuck in this mode, double-check the setup on the Alexa app or check your connection.
  • Purple: Normally, you’ll get a brief purple flash after you give the device a command while it’s on Do Not Disturb mode. But it can also mean that the device is having Wi-Fi issues if encountered during the initial setup.
  • Teal: When the indicator light is teal and spinning, it means that your device is starting up. However, there were users who reported that their devices got stuck in this process. Should that be the case, restart the device by unplugging it, then wait for 15 to 20 seconds before plugging it back in again.

Wrapping it Up

Encountering the Alexa red ring dilemma can certainly be alarming at first glance, but the truth is that it isn’t nearly as alarming as it seems.

Normally, simply enabling the microphone should resolve the problem, but there are a host of other solutions you can try if that doesn’t do the trick.

All you got to do is follow the fixes we shared with you above, and you’ll be back using your favorite Alexa skills in no time.


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