How to Leave a Voicemail Without Calling (9 Ways)


In some situations, you might prefer sending a voicemail without calling. Whatever the reason, this method allows you to reach the point quickly — without small talk or other distractions.

Want to learn how to leave a voicemail without calling someone? It’s easy to do, and we outline several methods to do so in this article.

Let’s get started!

How to Leave a Voicemail Without Calling (Using a Landline Phone)

You can use a landline phone to send a voicemail message. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Dial the voicemail system number and press # (Note: a voicemail service provides a voicemail system number).
  2. Enter the phone number and press #.
  3. After you hear the message that says “contact someone”, press #.
  4. After the automated message is over, press # again.
  5. Record your message and hang up.

How to Leave a Direct Voicemail (Using a Service Provider)

If someone you’re trying to reach uses the same service provider as you, you can leave them a voicemail using your service provider’s voicemail service. Here’s how to leave a voicemail without calling by using some of the most popular service providers in the US:

How to Leave a Direct Voicemail on T-Mobile

To send a voicemail without calling other T-mobile users, use the voicemail app or call the voicemail directly:

  1. To access voicemail on T-mobile, press and hold 1.
  2. Press 2.
  3. Record your voice message.
  4. Press 1 to send the message. Otherwise, press 4 to access more delivery options.

How to Send a Voicemail on AT&T Without Calling

Like T-Mobile, AT&T also allows you to leave voicemails without having to call others. With AT&T, you’ll need to access the voice mailbox first. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press and hold 1 to access your AT&T mailbox.
  2. Press * to go to the main menu.
  3. Press 2 to send your voicemail.
  4. Record your message.
  5. Press # once you are finished recording.
  6. Press # if the name or the number you are given is correct.
  7. Now press # again to send the message.

How to Leave a Voicemail on Verizon Without Calling

You can send a direct voicemail to other Verizon users:

  1. Press *86 to access your Verizon voicemail and then press the send key (Note: on Verizon, the 8 and 6 keys represent V and M for the voicemail).
  2. Press 2.
  3. Enter the number of the person you’re trying to reach, then press #.
  4. Once you’re done recording your message, press #.
  5. To send the message, press # or 0 to access more delivery options.

Leave a Voicemail Without Calling Them by Using an App

In addition to leaving voicemails through your service provider, you can use an app like WhatCall and WhatsApp.

Leaving a Voicemail Without Calling Using WhatCall

Before downloading WhatCall, keep in mind that this is a paid app. Here’s how to leave a voicemail using WhatCall:

  1. Install the WhatCall app.
How to leave a voicemail without calling—WhatCall app screenshot for leaving voicemail without calling


  1. Enter your phone number.
  2. Enter the code sent to your phone to verify it.
  3. Go to the “Contacts” tab to call the person you want to reach.
  4. Once you tap the contact, the app will call their phone and go straight to their voicemail.
  5. If the person you want to call isn’t in your contact list, click on the “Keypad” tab and tap on “Call.” Your call will still go to the voicemail.

How to Leave a Voice Note Using WhatsApp

Unlike WhatCall, WhatsApp is free. If the person you are trying to contact uses WhatsApp, you can also send a voice note. Here’s how to send the popular voice note using WhatsApp:

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Now go to the “Chats” tab.
WhatsApp chats tab to send the voice note without calling


  1. Choose an existing chat or choose “New Chat” to start a new conversation.
Start new chat in WhatsApp to send a voice note


  1. Click on the “Microphone” and hold it until you finish recording your voice message.
Hold microphone icon to record Whatsapp voice message


  1. When you finish recording your audio message, simply let go of the icon to automatically send your message.

How to Leave a Voice Note Using Other Messaging Apps

WhatsApp isn’t the only messaging app that allows you to send voice messages without calling. You can also use Facebook Messenger and Telegram to record audio messages by holding the microphone button. Once you finish recording, release the microphone button or swipe the screen to delete it and start over.

How to Leave a Voicemail Without Calling (iPhone)

You can also leave voice messages for iPhone users by clicking on the microphone button in the text box. This method only works when you are sending the voice message to other iPhones.

How to leave a voicemail using iPhone voice message


Voice messages on iPhones last for two minutes before they are deleted. To save them, you can also click “Keep” under the sent messages. Furthermore, you can change the “expiration date” for your voice messages. This will only impact your conversation record and not the recipient’s. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Click on “Expire” under Audio Messages.
  4. Change the date to “Never.”

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Sending a Voicemail Without Calling (Using Slydial)

Slydial allows you to send voice messages directly to the recipient’s voicemail. The best part is that no signup is required, and the basic service is free. Using Slydial is easy for both Android and iPhone:

  1. Dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425).
  2. Enter the US phone number of the person you are trying to reach.
  3. Once you’re connected, simply leave your voicemail and hang up.
Leave a voicemail without calling using Slydial


If you need more functionalities, Slydial’s paid plan starts at $2.99 per month (or $29.99 per year) and includes unlimited live voicemails. If you choose one of the paid plans, you can send messages to multiple users simultaneously and eliminate the ads.

However, you can’t call all numbers with Slydial. it doesn’t work with landline phones, prepaid mobile phones, VoIP numbers, or third-party voicemail services.

Benefits of Leaving a Voicemail Without Calling

Here are some of the main advantages of leaving a voicemail without calling:

  1. Availability: Voicemail services always work, as long as your recipient has internet access.
  2. Flexibility: If someone has a busy schedule, leaving a voicemail allows them to listen to their messages when they have time.
  3. Focusing on the point: Phone conversations can result in interruptions or being put on hold. Voicemail allows you to focus on the point of your message without getting interrupted.

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Disadvantages of Leaving a Voicemail Without Calling

Of course, there are some disadvantages to sending voicemails without calling:

  1. Not replying to voicemail: Some recipients ignore their voicemails.
  2. Poor connection: Recipients with unreliable internet connections won’t be able to check their voicemails.
  3. Different languages: Not all voicemail systems offer translations, resulting in a language barrier for non-English speakers.

The Bottom Line

‍Now that you’ve discovered how to leave a voicemail without calling, you can choose a service or app and start communicating.

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