How to Quickly Apply Strike-through Format in Google Docs

The strike-through format is useful when you want to mark some task or activities as complete. It can also be useful if you're reviewing someone's work and want to change something without completely removing it.

Strike-through Format in Google Docs

If you're working with Google Docs, here are the ways you can quickly apply the strike-through format:

Keyboard Shortcut:

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to apply the strike-through format in Google Docs:

  • For Windows – ALT + SHIFT + 5
  • For Mac – Command + SHIFT + X

Using the Menu:

You can also access the strike-through format option in the Format drop down.

To use this, select the text and click on the strike-through option.

Apply Strike-through format in Google Docs - Format

In case you already have the strike-through format applied and you want to remove it, you can simply select the text and use the same keyboard shortcut (mentioned above) or use the option in the Format drop down.

Note: You can also find other formatting options in the Format drop-down, such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Superscript, Subscript, etc.

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