How to Print Google Calendar [Explained Step-by-Step]

While most of us access calendars through our smartphones, sometimes you may want to print Google Calendar and have it as a hard copy. This could be useful if you're traveling or when your phone battery acts unreliable.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to quickly print your Google Calendar.

Steps to Print Google Calendar

  • Open the Google Calendar.
  • Click on the More button (it's on the top-right).
  • Click on Print.How to Print Google Calendar - Print
  • In the Calendar Print Preview window, make the selections for the date range, font-size, and orientation.
  • Click on Print.

While printing, you can choose to not print the events that you have declined. Also, you can choose to print in black and white instead of a colored print.

You can also save a PDF of the calendar and then take a print out of it. To save the PDF, click on the ‘Save As' button and it will automatically download the PDF of the calendar.

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