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How to Insert Checkbox in Google Sheets

There is no direct way to insert a checkbox in Google Sheets. However, you can use a smart data validation technique to get a drop down list with a checkbox option


How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

If you work with data, getting duplicates is a common issue. In this tutorial, learn how to quickly find and remove duplicates.


How to Use IF Function in Google Sheets

IF function evaluates a conditions a specified value when the condition is TRUE, else it return the other specified value. Learn how to use IF function with examples.


How to QUERY Function in Google Sheets

Query function allows you to retrieve specific data from a tabular dataset. This is helpful when you quickly want to get a subset of a larger dataset.


How to Quickly Freeze/Lock Rows in Google Sheets

Freezing rows at the top would make those rows visible all the time so that you never lose a track of what column represents what metrics.


Calculate the Number of Days Between Two Dates

In this tutorial, I will show you how to calculate the number of days, number of weekdays, and number of weekends between two specified dates


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