Fix the No Location Found iPhone Error Easily (10 Solutions)

The Find My app for iOS devices can be a lifesaver for when your iPhone or iPad is stolen. Or, if you’re like me, when you just misplace your phone while it’s on silent. But we can sometimes run into the no location found iPhone error. Luckily the potential fixes are all really simple, and you could run through all of them in about 20 minutes or less. Read on to learn the best ways to fix it.

What Does the No Location Found iPhone Error Mean

Apple combined the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into “Find My” with iOS 13 and iPadOS. Since then, Apple has made constant updates to the Find My app, including adding tools to track disconnected and powered-off iPhones as well as iPhones that have been wiped. But these features don’t always cut the mustard.

There are several possible explanations if the iPhone’s Find My app displays no location. For instance, location services could be deactivated, or your phone could be off.

Two possible messages can be displayed. The first is a ‘Location not available’ error, while the other is a ‘No location found’ message. The no location found iPhone message means the app couldn’t find the location currently, but the location could become available once the GPS signal is located. The location not available on iPhone, meaning is that the Find My app was unsuccessful in finding the location, and the app will actively keep searching for the location.

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How to Fix ‘No Location Found’ on iPhone

Getting the ‘No Location Found’ error on an iPhone can be extremely frustrating, especially when you don’t know how to fix it. Let’s look at some things you can do to fix the ‘No Location Found’ on iPhone error.

Check Your Settings to Fix the Find My ‘No Location Found’ Error

  • Make sure that the Location Services are turned on. If this setting is already selected, switch it off and back on. Here are the steps on how you can turn the Location Services on:
Turn on location services

On an iPad or iPhone:

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click on the Privacy option.
  3. Here you will see the Location Services option. Switch the toggle on.

On a Mac:

  1. Open your Apple menu.
  2. Click on the System Preferences option.
  3. Choose the Security and Privacy option.
  4. Click on Privacy. Here you will see the Location Services option. Switch it on.
  • Make sure Location Services has Find My activated. Activate Find My and switch to While Using the App in Location Services.
  • Make sure Share My Location is turned on. If it’s already on, switch it off, wait a moment, and then switch it back on. Here is how you can turn your Share My Location on your iPhone:
    Fix the no location found iphone error by turning on share my location
    1. Open your Settings.
    2. Click on the Privacy option.
    3. Choose the Location Services option.
    4. Here, you will see the Share My Location option.
    5. Turn the Find My iPad or Find my iPhone options on
    6. Turn on the Share My Location.
  • Ensure your device has been set with the correct time and date. Here are the steps to change your device’s date and time.

On an iPhone and iPad:

Make sure the date and time are updated
  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Choose the Date & Time option.

On your Mac:

  1. Click on the Apple menu.
  2. Choose the System Preferences option.
  3. Locate and click on the Date and Time option.
  • Make sure Use Cellular Data is turned on for Find My if you are using your iPad or iPhone to connect to the internet via cellular. Here are the steps on how you can turn on the Use Cellular Data option:
    1. Open your Settings.
    2. Click on the Mobile Data or Cellular option.
    3. Now click on the Find My option and turn the toggle on.
  • Ensure that the Find My iPad or iPhone option and the Share My Location option are turned on in the System Services menu. Here are the steps on how you can turn the Share My Location on:
    1. Open your Settings.
    2. Click on the Privacy option.
    3. Choose the Location Services option.
    4. Click on the System Services option.
    5. Here, ensure that the Find My and Share My Location options are enabled.

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Check the Apple System to Fix Find My Friends ‘No Location Found’ Error

You might notice the “No location found” notification because the Find My service might not be functional. If this is the case, follow these steps to check the Apple system status:

  1. Open the Apple System Status site.
  2. Select the Find My option.
  3. You will see a message if Find My is unavailable. If it is operational, a green dot will be visible. If it isn’t, there is a problem with Apple’s services, and there is nothing you can do about it. Usually, problems with Apple services are fixed within a few hours.

Update the Device to Fix ‘No Location Found’ Find My Friends Error

Make sure your device is updated to the latest iOS version. Location Services may have a widespread bug that is affecting some users. An update may be available to fix the issues.

Here are the steps you can follow to check and update your iOS version:

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Click on the Software Update option.

Reset the Privacy and Location to Fix ‘No Location Found’ Error

After attempting the mentioned procedures, if your problem persists, you could revert the Location and Privacy settings to their default settings.

Here is how to revert Location and Privacy to the default settings:

Reset your iPhone
  1. On your iOS device and iPad OS, open Settings.
  2. Click on the General option.
  3. Here, click the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.
  4. Now choose the Reset option.
  5. Click on the Reset Location & Privacy option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does No Location Found Mean it’s Blocked?

The most likely issue is that the second iPhone may not have mobile or Wi-Fi reception. Additionally, the contact could have disabled location settings, or the other phone may be turned off.

How Can You Know if a Contact Turned Off Their Location on Their iPhone?

If Find My displays the warning “Location not available,” somebody has switched off their location. Most likely, the Find My map won’t display your friend’s symbol. You are not notified when someone chooses to switch off their current location. However, the app lets you know when a contact’s location updates. If you enable notifications from Find My, you can get alerts about a contact.

Wrapping Up

While it can be frustrating to go through all of these potential no location found iPhone error solutions, nine of them take particularly long to do. If you have another device with you to check if the location services, you can stop as soon as it’s working again. Let us know in the comments which one worked for you!


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