How to Block Emails on Gmail with 2 Mouse Clicks (Easy)

This guide will show you how to block emails on Gmail in detail. But the short answer is to simply click the 3 dot menu inside an email you’ve received from them and select “block sendername”. If you’d like step-by-step instructions with screenshots of exactly what to do, read on.

Reasons for Blocking Senders in Gmail

There are several reasons why you may wish to block a sender on Gmail. Here are some of them:

  • Rudeness: It’s clear that it may be more challenging to communicate the proper expression or tone when conversing in writing. However, sometimes it is obvious when someone is intentionally impolite and provoking negative responses through email.
  • Advertisement Emails: We all occasionally subscribe for offers or promotions from businesses. However, some senders abuse their access to your email address by spamming you with constant automatic promotional emails. A lot of companies offer the user to unsubscribe. However, you can block the sender in Gmail to make sure they don’t reach out to you again.
  • Spam: Receiving unusual emails from unfamiliar senders should raise a cautionary alarm. Anyone requesting your personal information, money, or a subscription for their new website is undoubtedly trying to send you spam. It is better to block these emails. Here are some tips for identifying spam.
  • Harassment: Sadly, some individuals might purposefully threaten, harass, or otherwise trouble someone via email. As with everything else, your online domain should be a safe space for you, which is why you should use the Gmail block sender options.

How to Block a Sender on Gmail for Desktop

The process of how to block a Gmail sender on the desktop is straightforward. You can use this method on any desktop browser, whether you’re a Mac, Windows, or Linux user. Unlike recalling an email, you can also undo this process by using the same steps and clicking “unblock” instead.

Here is how to block someone on Gmail on a desktop:

how to block emails on Gmail
  1. On your desktop, open the Gmail website and log into your Gmail account.
  2. Open an email of the sender that you wish to block.
  3. You will see three vertical dots in the top right corner of the email. Click on it, which will open a dropdown menu.
  4. Now click the Block “sendername” option.
  5. A confirmation window will pop up. Here, click the Block option to confirm your action.

How to Block Email by Reporting as Spam in Gmail

Rather than block the sender’s Gmail, you can report the contact as spam. Here is how to do this:

Repot Emails as spam in Gmail
  1. On your Gmail inbox, click and open an email you wish to report as spam or phishing.
  2. Click the three vertical dots icon towards the email’s top right part. Click on it, which will open a dropdown menu.
  3. You can select the Report spam or Report phishing option.

You can also do this by clicking on the exclamation mark Report spam button in the top bar above the email.

How to Block an Email on Gmail Without Opening It

Sometimes you may not want to risk opening a spam email to delete it. You can also block emails without ever opening the email. Here’s how:

How to block an email address in Gmail

  1. Navigate to Settings > See all settings > Filters and blocked addresses
  2. Select Create new filter
  3. Enter the email address of the sender and what you want to happen with the blocked emails. Delete it is usually the option to go for.
  4. Click Create filter

How to Block an Email Address in Gmail on Mobile

While learning how to block Gmail addresses on mobile is similar to the method for desktop, there are a few differences. The mobile apps or Gmail are almost identical on Android and iOS, so the process should essentially be the same. The screenshots were taken on Android 13 OS.

Here is how to block a sender on Gmail on mobile:

How to block and unblock senders in Gmail for Mobile
  1. Open the Gmail application on your main home screen.
  2. In your Inbox, click and open an email from a sender you wish to block.
  3. Now, click the vertical dots icon towards the screen’s top right part. There are two vertical dots icons: one towards the top and one beside the sender’s name. Make sure to click the latter one. This will open a dropdown menu.
  4. Here, click the Block user option toward the bottom
  5. This will show a confirmation window right below the sender’s name.

Note: If you made a mistake, click on Unblock sender to confirm (indicated by arrow 3 above).

You can also report an email contact as spam. To do this:

How to report spam on Gmail
  1. Open an email from a contact you wish to report.
  2. Click the vertical dots at the screen’s top right part.
  3. Now, click the Report spam option in the menu.

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How to Block a Sender Gmail by Unsubscribing

Most people reading our article on how to block an email on Gmail wish to get rid of company marketing emails. You don’t need to block all communication with a contact to do so. Most companies allow you to unsubscribe from emails. You can do this by going to the company’s website and your account settings. There, you should be able to unsubscribe from promotional emails.

However, this process can be frustrating if you wish to unsubscribe from multiple company emails. Here is how to block a sender in Gmail by unsubscribing:

  1. Open the Gmail website or app.
  2. Open the company email you wish to unsubscribe from.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Click the Unsubscribe button.
  5. A new page will open, letting you know that you’ve been unsubscribed from the newsletter. Some companies allow you to tweak the settings for what type of emails you wish to receive.

Some companies make it easy for users to unsubscribe from newsletters by having an easily readable Unsubscribe or Click here button. However, many companies employ malicious practices such as making the button hard to read or its font smaller. But they are legally required to have one in most countries, so take a good look before assuming that it’s not there.

Tips to Keep Your Gmail Secure

Unwanted and questionable emails are just a part of the online world. Some Gmail tips for security can help you out with that.

Such emails are mostly just obnoxious marketing messages. However, occasionally, they may include fake websites and malware that, if clicked, could compromise the account’s security. Because your Gmail address is connected to numerous other online accounts, it is vital to take precautions for its security.

Below are a few methods to achieve that:

  1. Update your software regularly to the most recent version. It includes your device’s browser, operating system, mobile Gmail application, and antivirus software. The latest versions have greater security fixes and are, therefore, making it more difficult for scammers to exploit.
  2. For an additional layer of safety, set up two-step verification with strong passwords.
  3. Stay away from connecting any unknown extensions. Your account is exposed since extensions need numerous permissions to operate. Therefore, only add extensions to the Gmail account from reputable, well-known organizations.
  4. Select “Always use HTTPS” under “Browser connection” in the Gmail account settings. This will mean the site has to have a security certificate.

  5. Do not open any strange emails. Instead, report them. Choose an email in the action bar without opening, and select “Report spam.”
  6. Never click on links or download files with unknown or dubious senders. They might have dangerous components that endanger your account.
  7. Activate alerts for shady behavior. By doing this, Gmail will alert you about any suspicious activities on your Gmail account. Login from a device you don’t typically use is one such case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Permanently Block a Contact on Gmail?

You can block someone on Gmail permanently by simply going to your Gmail account on your computer or mobile device and opening the email of the sender you wish to block. On the email’s top right corner of the email, click the three vertical dots. Now choose the Block option. The sender will be blocked permanently.

Can You Block Several People at Once on Gmail?

To block multiple contacts on Gmail, click the checkbox beside the email to select them. Select all the emails you wish to block and click the Report spam button in the main toolbar.

Do Blocked Contacts Get Notified?

No. Google will not notify the individual you blocked on Gmail. Blocked contacts cannot be certain that they have been blocked in your Gmail. On Gmail, blocking anyone is more like a silent block.

Wrapping Up

We hope learning how to block emails on Gmail with this guide was simple, and you can now prevent all of those unwanted emails. If we missed something, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, check out our related content to keep learning more about optimizing your workspace.


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